10 Useful Ways to Establish a Bond Between Your Pets and Your Children

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There can be nothing more heartwarming than seeing your child bond with your family pet. Maybe it has something to do with that similar playful energy that appears to possess all pets and children.

Bonding with a pet can act like socializing training for your child even before s/he gets into a playschool. They can quickly learn compassion, empathy, and maybe even love as they interact with their furry buddies. On the other hand, for pets, children seem to be an easy match for their playtime.

Children can help your pet channel their zest and energy into a bonded fun time, rather than having your pet chew through something valuable during their extensive energy bouts.
Therefore, here are a few ways to help establish a friendship between your pets and children and help them create a lifelong bond!:-

Teach children pet body language

To have your children bond with your pet, you need to make sure that your kids comprehend your pet’s various behaviors and understand their body language. This can come in handy when your child might wanting to be particularly active, but the pet is in their relaxed zone or is resting.

To introduce the pet language basics to your child, you can play a simple game where the children and the particular pet play a game, say fetch or blowing bubbles, etc. Teach your child to pick up the signs when your pet, say a dog, is excited, and is ready to play. As the pet and the child wear each other out, the child can notice the change in the dog’s behavior and its demand to relax.

Create memories

You can expect your child always to be mindful of the pet’s needs, and moreover, you can also teach your pet how to behave around your child. As they bond over playing games, maybe in the future, you could even leave them together.

10 Useful Ways to Establish a Bond Between Your Pets and Your Children

So, while your children and pets are at the game, why not click a few pictures and make memories. Stoop to the ground level to get the perfect click and have it adorned as a classical canvas of pet portraits!

Get fit and build memories

Dogs are a good influence on kids. They motivate them to spend quality time outdoors and, of course, channel their childish bubbling energy into games that help them stay physically fit. One such good activity is to take your child and your pet for a hike, or maybe even a summer camp somewhere nearby to make good memories.
Trained family dogs are very watchful of the young kids in the family and look out for them, but these instincts might stay hidden until they are in a protected or sheltered environment. A hike is hence an excellent exercise for the dog, too.

Nanny dog bonding

The dog and child can walk together on challenging trails and watch out for each other. They can go fishing together in a nearby stream with you or play if you find a clearing while you are on the trail and pick up scents. Moreover, you can create countless memories as you set camp while hiking and see your children and pets goof around!

Bond children and pets over boredom

One exciting way to make your children and pets bond is to give them obstacles, dog puzzles, or other childish challenges to solve when bored. You could add fun elements such as putting barriers in your back yard for your dog to climb over or wiggle through or maybe a few games that excite your cat’s curiosity.

10 Useful Ways to Establish a Bond Between Your Pets and Your Children

Make your children and pets smart

In a way, puzzles also help nurture the natural curiosity and instincts of your pets. You could have your pet follow your child around the backyard while overcoming the set obstacles.

You could also increase the difficulties surrounding the challenges to give your pets and children a gentle tug to improve their perception of the obstacles and, of course, their surroundings, too! Hence, this will help them bond over shared experiences.

Increase the sense of responsibility

When nurtured in a special way, you can help instill a sense of responsibility in both your children and pets. They can become increasingly responsible for their belongings and well-mannered. You could use a fun activity to accomplish this.

For instance, when your dog’s playtime and your children are over, you could teach your dog a trick to pick up his toys and stack them. Your children will draw inspiration from this and pick up their own toys or books and keep them in the designated place.

Ensure cleanliness

Your child might not have the habit of cleaning, but shared activities can make tedious tasks fun. Hence, less clutter!

You could pair a cleaning activity with a countdown or a challenge and give your pets and children a treat or a snack they love. Such good manners will sure help your children bond with your family pet.

10 Useful Ways to Establish a Bond Between Your Pets and Your Children

Instill a perception of each other

One way dogs bond with their family members is by getting accustomed to smells. You could this ability of theirs and mold it into a game of hide and seek. Ask your children to hide in a place as creative as possible and do everything to retain their hiding position. Your child will soon get busy and start searching for all the right places where the dog is unlikely to suspect them.

The dog will surely use the smell of the little playmate to guide them to their hiding position. Besides keeping the children and your pet busy with the game, hide and seek can also help instill a strong sense of smell in your dog. Hence, they can save the day if, unfortunately, your child falls prey to any mishappen events!

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