11 More Creative Easter Eggs

When I was a kid, there was one way to do eggs for Easter and it was dye that came in a box. It was the same every year, and I was perfectly happy with that. In fact, even though we try to be crafty and all, the old tablets of egg dye are still my go-to. So there’s nothing wrong with that. But it is fun to experiment, especially with the 11 More Creative Easter Eggs we’re sharing below!

11 More Creative Easter Eggs DIY Ideas #Easter

Last year, we put together a list of 17 Egg-celent DIY Easter Eggs. Now, I’m adding on to that with 11 More Creative Easter Eggs. The creative Easter Eggs here consist of everything from natural dyes to watercolor eggs to sharpie pens. But that’s not all. There are also tutorials for how to cover eggs in newspaper, wrap in yarn, or washi tape. We also have Star Wars ideas, Emoji eggs, and unicorns. All of these Easter Eggs are easy to make and come with full tutorials.

11 More Creative Easter Eggs

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs Tutorial – Craft Bits

Washi Tape Easter Eggs – Drugstore Divas

Embossed Easter Eggs Tutorial – Craft Bits

Unicorn Easter Eggs – Our Kid Things

Choir Singing Boho Easter Eggs – Craft Bits

Sharpie Pen Easter Eggs – FrugElegance

Vintage recycled book page Easter Eggs – Making Manzanita

String or yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs – Craft Bits

Emoji Easter Eggs Tutorial – Craft Bits

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs Craft Bits

Watercolor Easter Egg Decorating Tutorial Craft Bits

Star Wars Easter Egg Printable – Simple Everyday Mom

Be sure to check out all of the fun Easter craft ideas and recipes at Our Kid Things!

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