12 Creative DIY Projects to Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Artist

Art is often the medium for children to express themselves, especially toddlers who have still not grasped coherent words as a medium of expression. It provides a great opportunity for them to grow and explore the world.

12 Creative DIY Projects to Bring Out Your Child's Inner Artist

So let your child’s creative side flourish and unleash their inner artists. Here we talk about different forms of art and some fun DIY arts and crafts projects for them to enjoy.

Benefits of Art in Early and Late Childhood

Many parents have an underlying misconception regarding arts and crafts, thinking it is a waste of time. If you’re one of them, the numerous benefits that art brings for children are bound to make you think otherwise. Art helps children in the following ways;

  • Improvement of brain capacity
  • Cultivates decision-making skills
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Flourishes your kid’s creative side
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-impression
  • Makes kids more aware of other’s efforts

Don’t limit your children to only coloring books and finger painting. Involve the whole family in the project and turn it into a quality bonding time.


Your kid doesn’t need to be an artist to enjoy drawing. Encourage them to just draw from memory or their imagination and let them do the rest. Not only will this prove to be a great hobby but also cultivate their own unique artistic style. Remember there are no mistakes in art, it is all about self-expression.

But if you want a more structured approach, you can take some drawing inspirations from artincontext.org and try to recreate that with your child.


Once they have completed the drawing, ask them to add color to it in order to make it more vivid. This fun activity will double as an activity that can improve the color awareness of your toddlers and improve their motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

The resulting sense of achievement is an indescribable feeling for the toddler.


Similar to coloring, painting is fun and helps them develop a color sense. Furthermore, painting cultivates a better sense of depth and tone of colors as your child gets to mix paints.

It is best that kids start with acrylic paints as they are easier to clean compared to oil paints. Also, make the young ones wear separate art clothes or aprons for the upcoming messy art session.

Molding With Plasticine

Plasticine owes its popularity to the freedom of modeling it into anything you like, the possibilities are endless. The benefits of developing their motor skills, concentration, and self-expression. The long-lasting plasticine also aids kids with understanding various colors and shapes.


Music can be an important trigger for your child’s mental development. Whether they play instruments or sing, these help with earning valuable language and social skills. If dancing is involved, memorizing and motor skills are also improved.


Costumes, dialogues, duels, and a whole lot of adventure await when your little ones dress up as their favorite characters from books and TV. Encourage them to be part of the process, and help them to design and make the costumes. Not only will that make the experience even more memorable but also grow their creativity and improve their emotional health.

Art Project Ideas That the Kids Can Try at Home

Painting With Yarn

This Jack Pollock-type project is fun yet considerably less messy (than paints!) activity to entertain your kids. All you need are art paper, tempera paint, yarn, and popsicle sticks.

Water Pistol Painting

Anything involving water pistols is bound to be fun. Just prepare a huge canvas in your yard and have the water guns ready. Then let the little monster lose. This is the perfect summer break activity to keep them entertained.

Cardboard Box Splat Printing

This easy but fun activity is bound to be a kids’ favorite. Simply fill a balloon with rice and grab some cardboard as well as paints. If you are feeling fancy, add some printmaking into the mix and set to make some beautiful stationery or letters for friends and family.

DIY Glitter Window Clings

It is hard to find someone who does not like glitter. These beautiful decorations can grace your windows for weeks. Sure, the process is messy and your house is bound to be “glitter-infested” for weeks but what is some mess in the face of your kid’s precious smiles?

Puffy Cloud Paintings

Stuck at home on cloudy days? Turn the gloom around and make the best out of the clouds themselves. The ingredients are simple – glue, paper, and shaving cream. Now you are all set, ask your kids to shape them based on the clouds in the sky. if you want colorful addition, simply add some paint.

Make a Malian Mud Cloth

Mud and fun, what can go wrong? Just grab some old T-shirts to use as sheets and unleash all the fun.

Sand Art

Bring the beach home and enjoy a hot, summer afternoon in the backyard with sand art. The product of this fun summer activity is both beautiful to look at and easy to clean up afterward. Working with sand is similar to glitter so it is best to take it outside.

Marble Painting

This super-easy art project is fun to make and has sophisticated end results. Just take a flat container and add shaving cream and paints using an eyedropper. Swirl the paint and lightly press paper over the mixture. Remove any excess and voila!

Paper Roll Monsters

Recycle all those toilet rolls into a fun art project for the little ones. With some colored paper, eye stickers, and marker pens, change an ordinary toilet roll into a cute monster perfect for Halloween.

Homemade Bookmark

The perfect gift for book-lovers and an easy project for the young ones. Though there are many ways to make bookmarks, one of the simplest ways involves using sharpie markers to add colors on a piece of plastic (shaped as you like!) and then adding rubbing alcohol for a stained glass effect.

Watercolor Paper Pinwheel

These simple decorations light up any room instantly. They are super easy to make and the kids can experiment with different patterns and colors. Add accessories or glitter to make them shine.

Pom-pom Bouquet

Do the kids want a flower bouquet to impress with allergies? Look no further, these fluffy, non-allergenic pom-pom bouquets are a fun alternative, both to create and as a gift.


Art is messy, creative, fun, and limitless, kind of like kids. Let them loose this vacation and enjoy these uncommon craft ideas that they are sure to cherish even when they grow up.

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