13 Newsletter Gimmicks for Valentine’s Day

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13 Newsletter Gimmicks for Valentine's Day
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Valentine’s Day is not just a day to show your love for someone, but it can also be the perfect time to grow your email list. With these 13 newsletter gimmicks, you’ll have everything you need to get people subscribed and start collecting more emails than ever before!

1. Love Coupon Codes.

Giving away coupons or discounts for Valentine’s Day-related items can be very attractive. Just make sure that you’re sending them out on the right date. If they go out too early, people may think they’re expired and ignore them altogether!

2. Love Bites.

Getting more subscribers and collecting email addresses is all about offering something that people actually want. A fun way to do this is by sending out snacks or other yummy foods for Valentine’s day. You can even team up with different food outlets to really get the word out there!

3. “Pinned” Pins.

Instead of just asking for email addresses, you can get more people on your list by asking for other things too. For example, Pinterest users are known to be quite generous when it comes to sharing pins with others. So why not find a way to capitalize on this by giving them the opportunity?

4. “Heart-ed” Hearts.

People love to show their dedication to others, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. So why not give them the opportunity? Simply ask people to tweet or share on Facebook about your content in order for them to receive more email addresses!

5. Love Quotes.

Make something personalized through an email template that quotes famous love songs or lyrics from your favorite romantic movies. You can also use this template on social media and include a link to subscribe right below it!

6. Love Letter Templates.

Send out templates that feature pre-written love letters and ask readers to send them to their loved ones in order for them to sign up for your email list. This is a fun way to create a personal connection with your audience.

7. Valentine’s Day Cards.

Actual cards may be out of style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still ask people to send them! Send an email asking readers to print and send their own Valentine’s cards in order for them to receive more information from you.

8. Love Chocolates.

Instead of sending out actual chocolates, why not send people information about them? This can be very helpful for eCommerce companies who sell chocolate items, or any other business that wants to bring in more sales for Valentine’s Day.

9. Show Your Heart On Social Media.

People will often associate hashtags with events, so why not give them one that they can use on Twitter and Facebook? Make it easy for people to share your content by using something like #ValentineLove or #ValentinesDay.

10. Name That Valentine.

This fun game will get your readers talking about your business around the social media sphere. Ask people to submit their guesses in order for them to receive more information about your brand.

11. Love Your Content.

In order to grow your email list, you have to offer something that people actually want. In other words, you have to share good content with them! If you’re unable to think of any other great ideas for Valentine’s Day, this one is a surefire winner.

12. Love Games.

Similar to Pinterest, there are many people who enjoy playing games online with their friends. Why not partner with a game site like Candy Crush and offer something in return? This is a great way to get people on your list while also bringing in traffic for another company’s website!

13. Puppy Love.

Sending out dog-related stuff around February 14th might not sound like the best idea (unless you’re a dog lover), but it can actually be quite effective. If you want to avoid making anyone upset, offer them something in return! Or you could always team up with a dog-related company and spread the word about their business instead.

One way to make great newsletter designs is to use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers free newsletter templates for everyone. Here are some newsletter examples from their website!

Venngage newsletter example

Venngage newsletter example

Venngage newsletter example

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to grow your email list and expand your outreach. With these 10 newsletter gimmicks, you should have everything you need to get people on board and start collecting those much-needed emails. Start making your own newsletter now by clicking here!

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