20 Fall Leaf Crafts

One of my favorite items to craft with this time of year are fall leaves. With all the natural colors and textures, it only makes sense that we’d gather a pile for our crafting adventures. That is after the kids jump in them, anyway. The only problem with using real leaves is that they crumble and disintegrate easily once they dry. As such, you can make any of these crafts more permanent by using artificial leaves. But that also takes some of the fun away, in my opinion.

20 Fall Leaf Crafts

If you’re looking to start crafting with fall leaves before they’re covered with snow, look no further than these 20 Fall Leaf Crafts. Below, we have ideas for leaf lions, suncatchers, turkeys, owls, stamped leaf shirts, garlands, and art projects. All taking inspiration from the wonders of nature.

20 Fall Leaf Crafts

Lion Leaf Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun

Fall Leaf Rubbings – Penny Pinchin Mom

Owl in a Fall Tree – Our Kid Things

Leaf Owl – Our Kid Things

Stick Leaf Butterfly Craft – Artsy Craftsy Mom

Suncatching Fall Leaf Turkey – Our Kid Things

Leaf Monster Puppets – Messy Little Monster

Leaf Wreath Poem – Learning and Exploring Through Play

Leaf Prints – I Heart Crafty Things

Autumn Leaf Suncatchers – Crafts on Sea

Scratch Art Leaf Craft – Moms and Crafters

Easy Paper Leaf Craft – Red Ted Art

Stamped Leaf Shirts – Fireflies and Mudpies

Painted Leaf Garland – Living Well Mom

Leaf Chalk Art – Coffeecups and Crayons

Clothespin and Leaf Turkeys – Our Kid Things

Fall Leaf Butterfly – Our Kid Things

Leaf Rubbing Fairies – The Neighborhood Moms

Leaf People – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Marbled Leaf Craft – Simple Fun for Kids

There’s more, too! Check out all of our fun fall craft ideas and recipe ideas at Our Kid Things!

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