4 Fun Baby Shower Crafts

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A parent’s life gets changed forever when they hold their baby for the first time in their hands. You want to be supportive and celebrate your friend becoming a mother. We might have some ideas on how you can impress her and throw a baby shower she will never forget.

4 Fun Baby Shower Crafts

But first, you need to send some invites out! There are multiple electronic invitations to choose from and it can be quite fun to craft one the way you want to and surprise your friends with a unique invitation to the baby shower you are hosting.

Here are some fun ideas for the shower baby items you and your friends can craft to enjoy the wonderful event celebrating life.

1. Decorating Cupcakes

Decorating a cupcake is a successful baby shower starter. You can ask each guest to bake a cupcake in advance. You can also make baking cupcakes an activity at the event. Once you have all the cupcakes in one place, you can start decorating them and turn this into a contest.

Guests are allowed to decorate their cupcakes however they want. There are a few yummy things to use for decorations like sprinklers, sweet words to put on top, edible flowers, whipped cream, powdered sugar, fresh fruit, and others.

As for the decorating game, you should set up a timer, like 15 minutes, so that people will try to be creative. When the time is over, each person lifts their cupcake for it to get judged. The guest with the most points wins a silly gift.

Decorating your cupcake is a fun activity that works well at baby showers as friends can talk to each other and laugh about their silly creations. The best part is that you also get to eat cupcakes.

2. Play-Doh Babies Crafting

Another fun idea for a baby shower is having guests handcraft their play-doh babies. They are pretty easy to make using a salt dough recipe. It is a great activity for adults to feel like kids again, especially during a baby shower.

You will only need a few ingredients from the kitchen. Guests need one bowl, one cup of flour, a half cup of salt, and a half cup of water.

Once the dough has a proper shape, guests can add food colors for the gender of the baby. If the gender is unknown, guests could try color guessing, and those who are correct win a baby-themed gift.

You can also dress up the baby dough with silly doll clothes to resemble a young toddler. Crafting can be a therapeutic experience for your friends and especially for the soon-to-be mother, who will spend much of her time taking care of the baby and less on herself.

3. Painting Blocks

The best things you can craft at a baby shower are the things the new mother can keep and use as nursery decorations. The guests can start painting blocks surrounding the baby shower theme, or they can match the nursery.

Guests can even paint the alphabet, which will be practical when the child starts talking. If some are more talented than others, they can paint the blocks with animals, birds, flowers, and many other things.

4. Bib Decorating

If there is one piece of cloth that the baby will run through like crazy is the bib if you ignore the diapers. It is a great baby shower craft and a practical gift as well because once a bib gets too stained, she can change it with another one.

For this, you will need a white bib for each guest, paints, brushes, fabric markers, and stencils. Invite the participants to create their designs. The bibs will turn out adorable and silly, and the mother will be happy that she has something for her baby that no other has.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

The last year has been tough on anyone. Being away from friends and family created a lonely world. But we got creative and learned how to cope with the distance. We started to rely more and more on different kinds of apps to hold online meetings for all sorts of events. We didn’t want to miss important milestones, and that’s how virtual baby showers were born.

Don’t assume a virtual baby shower is less fun. This blog post on virtual baby shower games from Greenvelope has a few fun ideas for virtual activities everyone can try. Try these games and maybe have a go at our craft ideas, virtually! Greenvelope is a Seattle-based company that delivers electronic invitations for all occasions. You can craft your personalized electronic invitation for the virtual baby shower and set the tone for the party.

Overall, crafting items for a baby shower is not only fun but will remain thoughtful keepsakes for the mom and baby. There are many ways to create cute things with a little bit of creativity and teamwork. We hope these craft ideas can turn any baby shower into a fun and memorable experience for everybody.

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