4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management

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Being the mom of a larger family comes with many stresses. It’s difficult to be in as many places as you sometimes need to be. The house is always a mess. I’m always forgetting something. There is never enough food for growing kids, and the same can be said for money. As they get bigger, so do the expense of their wants. It’s an easy way to crawl into debt.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management #kids #money (ad)

While I am not a financial expert, I do know the importance of handling one’s finances appropriately. It may not be as fun as eating out every night and taking luxurious trips, but knowing I have a safety net has always set my mind more at ease than a steak dinner. Which isn’t to say that I don’t indulge every so often, and there was a time when it was more often than I should. In those instances, there are Nationwide Debt Reduction Services to help get us back on track.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management #kids #money (ad)

Though there is nothing shameful about turning to debt reduction services if need be, I’m trying my best to be a good role model for my kids when it comes to personal finances and staying on track. These are lessons that will stick with them through their life. I’ve tried to make it fun for them, as that’s always the best way. We’ve done printables to do-it-yourself piggy banks and reusing what we have to save as many pennies as we can.

Here is a list of my favorites ways to teach kids money management.

4 Ways to Teach Kids Money Management

1. Money Ledger Printable – Our Saving For Kids Money Ledger Printable is a clear way for kids to see how much they need to save for that big ticket item. It’s also great for brainstorming new ways to save money, as well as see the ups and downs of spending.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management #kids #money (ad)

2. DIY Plastic Bottle Piggy Banks – Kids like to see just how much their money is stacking up. Giving them a fun place to keep their growing pile of change is a great way to keep kids interested in saving. Plus, these our DIY Plastic Bottle Piggy Banks are simply a good way to reuse plastic water bottles.

3. Reuse What You Have – We’ve done this a number of times. To store pencils, we turned an empty shampoo bottle into a pencil holder. For bathroom storage, we wrapped rope around a cardboard box and made custom Rope-Wrapped Storage Boxes. You would never know. I’ve also done similar when we needed small trash cans for bathrooms or the kids’ bedrooms. And last spring we made bird feeders out of empty and clean lotion bottles. Everyone’s happy, it doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t add to the garbage pile.

4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management #kids #money (ad)

4. There’s an App for That – Since we live in such a technology-driven day and age, many kids would prefer to watch their savings on their smart phones. A quick search will bring up many apps that can help with just this. They also have debit cards specifically for kids, with every aspect overseen by parents through an app on their phone. This is especially helpful for teens.

What are some of your favorite ways to teach kids how to save money?

4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Money Management #kids #money (ad)

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