5 Fun and Beneficial Things to Do With Your Kids

Spending time with your kids can be overwhelming, especially with their intense energies and raging curiosity. However, it can be much easier if you can find ways to direct their energy and curiosity, and it may even be fun for you. It’s worth living for the enchantment that occurs when you teach youngsters new things, and they start to discover the world. You can instruct kids using enjoyable activities that establish a solid basis for them. This article will explore five fun things  you can do with kids.

Try Out Some Science Experiments

Science investigates how things function and how to use them. Simple experiments like using a candle, glass, and water bowl to make the water rise as the candle burns out are incredible for kids. Another interesting one is using Skittles lined in a bowl with shallow water to teach them about diffusion. 

Plant Something

Taking care of the environment and producing food should be a skill that kids learn when they are still young. One excellent way to achieve this is to plant with your kids using recycled materials for the seedlings. An excellent idea is using toilet paper rolls as seed planters for the tiny seedlings. The experience will stick with the child, especially when they watch the plants grow slowly. The toilet paper rolls are free, and you will only need to spend on the seeds of the plants and maybe some fertilizer.

Tracing and Coloring

When kids are growing up and learning how to write and what words mean, they need things that help the knowledge stick. A fun way is to trace and color pages for the various letters and associated words. You can get great resources at Bright Sprouts that are precisely designed for these types of exercises for kids. Most tracing and coloring papers have specific letters and animals that correspond with the letters. This makes them ideal because your kids will learn about different animals as they learn the letters. They also learn how to distinguish different colors as they color the letters.

Make Fun Crafts

When growing up, they must develop motor skills, from fine ones to the more major ones. Fine motor skills typically require more deliberate teaching, but you can make it fun for them by using crafts. Making crafts, like origami or painting unicorn Easter eggs, will engage your child’s delicate finger muscles as they try to get the finer details right. While they might initially struggle, as they see the rewards of their labor, they will start to appreciate it more and could even request that you do it more frequently.

Family Interviews

Children are aware that you work, as is your spouse, and that you prepare them meals or buy them toys, but they are unaware of the processes involved in any of those activities. Consider engaging in interview games with them to bridge this knowledge gap and foster a deeper connection with your child. Interview games will teach them how to ask questions, an essential skill for their future. As they age, you can create more detailed questions for them to ask and engage their growing minds.


Kids’ fun and games are prime opportunities to teach them lifelong skills and knowledge, from science experiments that will capture their interests to DIY gardening projects that teach them recycling and sustainability. Tracing and coloring books will teach them about letters and words, and crafts will develop their fine motor skills. Once they master these, you teach them how to talk and ask questions through interview games.

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