5 Simple Tips to Raise Grateful Kids

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Parenting is tough as it is, but may seem impossible if you happen to find yourself parenting during hard times. For those self-employed, there’s a period of time, especially when just starting out, when you’ll need to pinch every penny and possibly look into self employed loans to get the business off the ground. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for the fun stuff.

#ad 5 Simple Tips to Raise Grateful Kids

Now with the time of giving soon upon us, though, it doesn’t take a lot to teach your little ones important values and to raise them into humble and good individuals. In fact, gratefulness is one of the biggest lessons you could teach them.

But that’s actually easier said than done. Unlike other important life lessons and values, gratefulness is a difficult lesson to be taught. After all, you can’t just teach your kids to ‘feel’ grateful for everything they do have instead of wishing for things they don’t and maybe can’t afford right now.

To help you out with this rather daunting task, here are some simple tips to raise grateful kids. Keep reading to discover how you can help your children be more grateful without spending a penny.

Name Your Daily Gifts
One of the simplest ways to instill gratefulness into your children is to have them, without fail, name the ‘gifts’ that they received that day. Set a particular time and as a family, declare the things that were good that day which could be counted as blessings, and express the gratefulness for those. Keeping a gratitude journal is also a wonderful idea.

Set an Example
Kids learn a lot from what their parents do, and little from what their parents tell them to do. This is why, it is important for you, as a parent to be grateful, too. Being happy and contented with everything that you have, and appreciating your kids for the little things that they do like cleaning their room or helping with some chores, can have a positive impact on them and encourage them to be more grateful themselves.

Make it a Habit
Kids learn a lot by taking action, and that’s exactly why getting them to volunteer and encouraging them to give back to the society can help them understand and accept gratitude on a much deeper level. Have them donate toys, books and other items to the less fortunate ones or spend some time volunteering to get them to understand how lucky they are to have so much already.

Say Thanks Before Bed
Making it a point to state, or just remember a few things that you are grateful right before bed, can again, have a very big impact and can help you develop the attitude of gratitude. Doing this has also been found to shape you into a more positive person which directly translates into better productivity. Getting your little ones to do this everyday is again, a great way to help them be more grateful.

Be Patient
The golden rule of parenting is to be patient, no matter what, and that applies here too. You may be trying hard to make your kids develop gratefulness and be thankful for everything that they have, and sometimes it may feel like it isn’t really working. Relax! Give it some time, keep working on it and eventually, your kids will learn.


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