5 Top Student Techniques for Better Studying in 2022

After a few years in high school, you get the confidence and trust that you’ve developed good learning strategies. Then you get to college and you realize that the things that worked before don’t cut it anymore. Then you go to university and things get even harder!

We’ll let you in on a big secret – it all gets easier if you find a way to organize your school obligations and improve your study habits.

Study smarter, not harder

If you spend all your time crammed over the books, you’ll be overly stressed and tired. In school, it is important to find ways to study smarter and master the material in half the time, not study all the time.

Let’s say that you are too tired from writing papers for all your classes that when the time comes to study the day’s lesson, your brain cannot memorize anything. If you want to study smart, you can get academic help and purchase homework assignments in Canada to delegate the writing assignments. This will keep you rested and stress-free so that you have the time to study.

5 Top Student Techniques for Better Studying in 2022

Why It’s Important to Develop the Study Skills

No matter where you are with your education, you’ll need to study to pass your exams and get your degree. If you don’t know how to study, you’ll spend more time over the books and still won’t be able to impress your teacher.
Let’s not even get started on stress. Students that feel pressured and cannot memorize the material fast enough get more stressed every day. This is bad for their health, too!

That being said, let us introduce you to 5 highly effective study techniques.

  1. The Pomodoro Method
    Have you heard of the Pomodoro study technique? This technique is focused on time management. Many students struggle with studying precisely because of time. If you can’t manage your time efficiently, you cannot catch up with your schedule.

    This technique involves allocating a selected period of time for every task you have, and calculating in the breaks, too. Pick a time based on how long you can study without feeling tired or losing focus. For example, you can cut your learning materials into sections that take 30 minutes to study each, and write these down in your schedules with breaks in between.

  2. The Notebook Method
    If the subject you are studying is hard to read or comprehend, this is a great technique to try. The notebook method was invented by Richard Freynman, a theoretical physicist. The idea behind it is to break down your thoughts and write them down – preferably in a notebook.

    Whenever you come across something you don’t understand, write it down. You can do this while in class or when you read the material. Keep reading afterward. Later on, when you find more information related to it or something that expands your understanding on it, get back to your notes and add it to them.

  3. The Leitner System
    The Leitner Method dates back to the 9th century and it is still trending with students around the world. Even apps are created on this principle. Basically, this method is about preparing flashcards as a way to improve your active recall and memory.

    When studying, create flashcards that you will use to test your knowledge once you go through the material. The flashcards should hold different information on both sides and be organized in labeled boxes. You can have boxes like “unfamiliar things”, “somewhat familiar” and “very familiar”, for example.

  4. The Interleaving Method
    Next is the Interleaving Method, one that helps you systemize the topics you need to learn. If you use this technique, you’ll be mastering one skill or subject at a time.

    The idea is to combine different topics and learn them all together instead of focusing on topic A before you move to topic B.

  5. The Summarization Method
    Last is the summarization method, a popular learning technique with students. If you have to do tons of reading to pass every exam, this can come in handy.

    It’s always smart to go through the material while it is still fresh in your mind. If you have this good learning habit, use that time to summarize the most important information. When you prepare for all the exams later, this will help you a lot in minimizing the amount of text you need to read, and you’ll be able to learn faster.

5 Top Student Techniques for Better Studying in 2022

Wrapping Up
Have you used any of these methods before? There’s no rule as to what will work for you – you need to test them out to see! Don’t be afraid to combine two or three until you find your most efficient way to learn. Good luck!

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