5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget

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It’s almost that time. The scent of the sweet no. 2’s are in the air and notebooks are lining store aisles in every color. Soon, we’ll be packing our backpacks and organizing binders, too.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

Some of the most needed back to school supplies aren’t included on the teacher’s list, however. These unexpected school supplies can be just as important as crayons and highlighters.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget

Hand Sanitizer – It’s a known fact that schools are crawling with germs. We kept a large container of hand sanitizer at the ready all school year and made sure the kids lathered when they first came in the door.

New Toothbrush – Back to school time is a great time to replace your child’s toothbrush. Because fresh breath and proper oral hygiene is always important.

New Socks – I try my best to make sure my kids always go to school in a clean, matching pair of socks without holes. It doesn’t always work that way, but at least we should start the new year off on the right foot.

Alarm Clock – Not only so the kids can get up in the morning, but it’s also great to set an alarm when it’s time to catch the bus.

Lice Defense – If you have a child in school, chances are you’ve dealt with lice. In fact, lice infestation is the second most frequent health issue for school-age kids in the U.S., behind only the common cold. So it’s gonna happen. Be prepared with a lice defense.

I dealt with lice when I was a kid. I still remember sitting on a chair in the middle of the kitchen while my mom combed through my hair. And with 3 of my own kids in school now, well the odds aren’t in my favor. That’s when I first found out about the line of Vamousse lice treatment products.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

Vamousse offers a full range of safe, non-toxic head lice control products for the family and home. Available over the counter for treatment and for daily use, Vamousse offers four great solutions for different needs.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

If you find yourself with a live lice infestation, don’t freak out! I know, easier said than done. Just reach for Vamousse Lice Treatment.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

Vamousse Lice Treatment is an easy-to-use mousse that’s clinically proven to kill lice and eggs in a single 15 minute treatment. Safe, non-toxic, and pesticide-free, it’s even proven effective against pesticide-resistant super lice.

Wait a minute? There’s such a thing as super lice? Like cape-wearing superhero little gross bugs? Well, no. Super lice are resistant to most of the products out there used to treat lice. With Vamousse, though, it’s a one and done.

Once the live infestation is taken care of with Vamousse Lice Treatment, there are 3 more products to make sure those critters are gone for good. First, Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo is a non-toxic daily shampoo safe for the whole family that defends against head lice and has been shown in lab studies to kill lice with regular shampooing. Then, there’s Vamousse Lice Repellent and Nit Defense which repels lice without synthetic pesticides, and deters them from even laying eggs. It’s a proactive step against lice for daily use, even before an outbreak occurs. And for a final step in cleaning your home after treating an infestation, there’s Vamousse Lice Elimination Powder. This is a safe, non-toxic powder home cleaning aid that eliminates lice and dust mites on non-washable household items and leaves a clean scent.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

Because there’s never a good time for lice, especially during the busy days of back-to-school. The makers of Vamousse recommend three simple steps to defend kids against lice when school starts.

1. Use Vamousse Lice Defense Daily Shampoo. Lab studies have shown that Vamousse Daily Defense Shampoo kills lice with daily hair washing. Use Vamousse in place of your child’s regular shampoo for 10 to 14 days after suspected exposure to lice. Don’t wait for itching symptoms to manifest! It can take 4-6 weeks, during which time an infestation will have grown unchecked.

2. Conduct head checks. The best way to catch head lice early is by doing regular head checks. Here’s how:

  • Under a bright light, check for lice and eggs. Watch for movement as lice will quickly travel away from the light.
  • Part your child’s hair to examine the scalp, lice may look like dandruff, but they cannot easily be removed.
  • Use a lice comb to work through small sections of hair looking for lice or nits (lice eggs). Pay extra attention to the nape of the neck, behind ears, under bangs and the crown of the head.

3. Eliminate lice with Vamousse Lice Treatment. If you find lice, pesticide-free Vamousse Lice Treatment allows you to end the infestation in one 15-minute treatment.

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

It’s not fun to think about, but keeping these unexpected school supplies on hand makes going back to school easier. Be sure to follow Vamousse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for more lice tips and tricks. And check out more of our back to school ideas at Our Kid Things!

5 Unexpected School Supplies You Can’t Forget #VamousseLice #ad #back to school

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