6 Self-Care Tips for Super Busy Moms

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As a responsible and caring mom, you may find yourself in a position where your personal needs have fallen by the wayside to the countless obligations of parenthood. With work, kids, home and family on the top of the priority list, self-care seems to comfortably shift to the bottom.

6 Self-Care Tips for Super Busy Moms

But it shouldn’t be this way, nor is taking the time to satisfy your own needs a selfish endeavor. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as a lack of self-care can lead to stress, exhaustion, and burnout, thus leaving you unable to care for those around you. The key is to create a balance, which can be made with the following 6 self-care strategies.

Get Moving

Squeezing in the usual workout routine can be quite challenging for busy moms.

A great solution is to find ways to incorporate exercise into your day. For instance, you can participate in activities with your kids, such as swimming, cycling or even something a little more adventurous like dance lessons or karate. Even a bit of gardening can get your body moving. Whatever you choose to do, remember that consistency is key. And don’t forget, for those moments when you can’t afford to leave your little one behind, consider investing in a baby carrier. It’s a convenient way to keep your baby close while you tackle your daily activities, and you can easily buy baby carrier online or at local baby stores.

Keep it Simple

As much as we’d all love to spend hours soaking in a champagne bath or binging on a Netflix series, time is of the essence, and you probably have a few errands to run as it is. Instead, keep it simple and focus on micro self-care techniques that you can effortlessly squeeze into your day.

For example, before you go to bed, you can practice five-minute journaling. You can listen to an informative podcast on your daily commute, wake up earlier and meditate for ten minutes, or cook your favorite meal on the weekend. Or, you can also revitalize your body and mind with a delicious coffee – the flavored Nespresso pods are amazing and affordable.

Sleep Right

Getting enough quality sleep is an essential self-care practice. In addition to many other benefits, sleep reduces stress, improves brain function, strengthens your cardiovascular system and gives you the energy to take on the day ahead. On the other hand, skimping on sleep can lead to several health complications. Don’t put sleep aside when you need it, even if you’re tempted to get a little more work done.

Stay in Touch

The last thing you want is to let your endless obligations bring you into a place of seclusion. Family and friends are important, and they’re there to provide support when you need it most. Schedule some time to connect with those you love, be it a Friday night dinner, Saturday morning coffee or a pizza and movies with the family.

Schedule Your Healthcare

While no responsible and caring mother would let their kids miss their annual check-ups, too many tend to forget about their own health, subsequently ignoring signs and avoiding medical attention. Be sure to schedule all the necessary check-ups to ensure your health is in tip-top condition.

This includes relevant tests, mammograms, flu shots, skin exams, and routine annual check-ups. Don’t forget about the dentist. An annual exam and cleaning should be present on your calendar.

Additionally, in today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to prioritize your health with the ability to call a mobile doctor, such as mobile doctors in SF or any other location near you. This convenient option ensures you have access to healthcare professionals who can provide guidance and care right at your doorstep, making it more convenient to stay on top of your health and well-being.

Boost Your Brainpower

Just like our bodies, our brains can be worked on to become better performers. Give your brain a boost by journaling, sketching, meditating or reading an insightful book. Crossword puzzles and mobile brain games work just as well. Don’t forget about the importance of proper nutrition, which also plays a major role in regulating brain function.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to incorporate a little self-care into your daily routine, even as a busy mother. Remember that it’s important to take time doing what makes you healthy and happy, as it has a positive effect on those around you, too.

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