6 Smart Tips That Will Keep Your Baby Safe While You’re Away

Written by Allen Brown.

6 Smart Tips That Will Keep Your Baby Safe While You're Away

Being away from your baby can feel uncomfortable and nervous. However, with the right safety measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing nothing bad can happen to your little one. After all, every parent can do whatever it takes to keep their baby safe. While this is the case different developmental stages for your baby pose different threats and you need to be quick to create a safe space in consideration of their levels of activity. These are the 6 smart tips that will keep your baby safe while you’re away:

Never Leave The Baby Alone
This is the best safety precaution you can have for your baby while away. Leave the baby under the care of an adult or a grown-up child who can watch over the baby’s movement, change the baby’s diapers, feed the baby, and help the baby get to the crib when it’s time to sleep. Ensure the person whom you leave the baby with is trustworthy and keep in touch with the babysitter to stay informed about the baby’s progress.

Monitor Your Baby
Thanks to technology, you can today monitor what your baby is doing while you are miles away. This can help you stay comfortable and advise your babysitter accordingly. Baby safety experts at Hubble connect advise that if your baby likes to get busy, you can install some Video Monitors from Hubble so that you can monitor what your baby is doing at different times of the day and in the different parts of your house. With these monitors it can be easy for you to immediately take the desired action should you notice your baby is not okay.

Practice Safe Sleeping Behaviors
Ensure your baby sleeping room is cool to prevent the baby from overheating. Clear the baby’s crib of fluffy toys, pillows, and bumper pads. Train your baby to sleep on the sides or back and not on the tummy as this can predispose the baby to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If you must leave your baby with pacifiers, ensure they do not have strings lest they can choke the baby. Once the sleeping environment is suitable and conducive, you can be sure your baby will sleep safely in your absence.

Keeping The Surfaces Clean
Babies use their mouths and hands more frequently. Babies love putting their hands in the mouth whether they are eating or not. Ensure that all the surfaces that the baby can touch are thoroughly clean. Sterilize these surfaces. Wash the baby’s cribs with soap and water and ensure the baby’s bibs are clean. Clean your floors with some friendly detergents so that they do not harm the baby when he/she licks the hands, clean the baby’s teething rings, and toys.

6 Smart Tips That Will Keep Your Baby Safe While You're Away

Opt For One-Piece Soothers
If your baby loves soothers ensure before you leave the house the soothers’ nipples are clean and strongly attached to their handles. If your baby has used the soother for two months already, consider dumping it and replace it with a new one. Do not leave the bay with a worn-out soother as it can choke the baby. Be sure to sterilize the soothers and teethers before you give them to the baby.

Leave The Baby With Enough Safe Drinking Water
If you have already weaned your baby, ensure the bay has enough drinking water. Babies can be very active and thus they need to stay hydrated all day. You can leave the baby with boiled water provided the water has reasonable nitrate levels as high nitrate levels can impede the blood’s transportation of oxygen. This can also lead to death in its severity. You also do not want to risk your baby being dehydrated.

The above safety tips can keep your baby safe and give you comfort while you are away fending for your family and running errands. Remember to always leave the baby under someone’s care and keep monitoring the baby.

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