6 Tips for a Better Mom Day

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Accidents happen, they’re just a part of life. Some are caused by negligence, some are just bad luck. While it might seem beneficial to blame someone for all of our injuries, that’s not always possible. So what is considered a personal injury?

6 Tips for a Better Mom Day #parenting #workathome #stayhomemom #ad

Personal injuries are accidents that happen when someone does not take the necessary steps to prevent a mistake and an injury occurred as the result. These most typically consist of:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Traffic collisions
  • Defective products
  • Workplace injuries
  • Professional malpractice

If you find yourself in one of the above situations, there is help out there. In the Tampa area you can seek the guidance of a tampa personal injury attorney to get the representation you need. Not only can they seek compensation for your pain and suffering, but in many cases can cause changes to make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen to someone else.

As for me, my workplace is my home. This makes it highly unlikely I’m going to sue one of my kids for leaving a LEGO on the floor, though this is, by definition, a personal injury. I might have a case.

6 Tips for a Better Mom Day #parenting #workathome #stayhomemom #ad

I’m also not going to sue my 10 month old, 27 pound baby for having to pick him up 100 times a day even though my arm has been in pain for months now. Workplace hazzard. How much compensation do you think I’d get out of him? Not much. Quite a few Cheerios, though.

Moms need to take care of themselves, too, though. How does that happen? By making our home a better workplace, and thus a better mom day, for starters. These are tips that I try to put in practice, but I’m usually not so great at putting myself first, either.

6 Tips for a Better Mom Day at Home

Look Your Best – It’s a proven fact that when we take the time to look good, we feel better, too. I’m not saying a full face of makeup for our toddlers, but paint your nails, put on actual pants, and brush your teeth. It helps, and it’s one step towards a better mom day.

Take Breaks – Just like out in the “real world” workplace, moms need breaks. Be sure to take a few minutes throughout the day just for yourself, to skim through that long-forgotten magazine, catch up on a favorite show, or steal a few zzzz’s. And every once in awhile, it’s OK to call in sick, too. Take the day and treat yourself. You’ll come back a much better mom.

Eat Well – Start a better mom day with a good breakfast, and put down the chocolate donuts. I’m talking to myself, here. Then, a healthier lunch option, like a soup and salad, is not only good for you, but doesn’t weigh you down and simply makes you feel better than a slice of pizza. I know, I like pizza, too. Especially when you’ve been dreaming of lunch since 5 a.m. But mix it up. Change is good.

Team Effort – Don’t take daily tasks on all by yourself. Enlist your coworkers. In this case, our coworkers are kids. I know mine are fired for insubordination at least a couple times a day, but it’s their LEGOs. They should pick them up. Make it a game. Listen to music. It will at least drown out their moans and groans.

6 Tips for a Better Mom Day #parenting #workathome #stayhomemom #ad

Stop Looking at the Clock – There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the time you have together. Come up with a few fun projects to see you through the day. Whether it’s creating kid crafts together, baking yummy treats, putting on puppet shows, board games, or going for a hike. Find what your team loves to do and build on it.

Reward Yourself – Did you make it through another day with without any injuries? Pat yourself on the back. Good job, mama! Drinks, or dessert, on us! Now, get some rest. It’s back to work again, tomorrow.

How do you take care of yourself during the day?

6 Tips for a Better Mom Day #parenting #workathome #stayhomemom #ad

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