About Us

Hello and welcome! I’m Crystal, a work-at-home crafty mom to my 4 children; Jedi (born 11/10/03), Buzz (born 04/26/06), Abby (born 07/24/08), and Jax (born 08/18/17).

Jedi was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in August 2010 and Buzz is high-functioning autistic. While these diagnosis are now a piece of their puzzle, they are not the whole picture. We also share our home with more than a few cats.

When not chasing my kids or pets around, I can be found watching home-improvement television, any number of 80’s movies, spending time on houseplant care, and, of course, creating fun crafts to do together.

About Our Kid Things

I’ve been maintaining a personal website in one form or another since 1999. It has gone through many incarnations and transformations over the years, but the core has always been a record of our days. Because when all day every day is spent chasing 4 children, the words are bound to center around them.

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Please feel free to contact us at c@ourkidthings.com for all inquiries.

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