Apple Activity Pack

From math and counting activities to painting and cutting practice, this Apple Activity Pack free printable worksheets has everything! 

Apple Acitivity Pack Free Printable Worksheets

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These sheets are super fun and a great way to keep your toddler or kindergartener busy with hands on apple themed sheets that focus on keeping him busy and entertained. 

With these sheets, you will be able to help your kid sharpen his fine motor skills, learn to identify numbers, count objects, how to use a pair of scissors and have some fun while he’s at it. 

Why our Apple Activity Pack?

This pack of sheets is perfect for A is for apple themed learning fun for your kiddo. Most of these sheets are no mess, no prep sheets that just need some crayons and a pencil.  

These sheets can be a super fun and interesting way to keep your kid occupied in activities that inspire learning and creativity while still needing little to no effort on your part. 

The best part is, you can let your kid have fun with these activities all throughout the year! You can pack a few of these sheets in a pouch with some crayons and a pencil, and have the pouch in your car for your kid to use it when he needs to be entertained on a grocery run or a road trip. 

What’s Inside

You’ll find 10 unique apple themed activity sheets and a main cover sheet inside this apple activity pack. 


From mazes and matching practice to tracing and coloring- there are a lot of fun apple themed puzzle sheets for your kiddo. All of these are 

Counting Activity

To strengthen your child’s math skills, you’ll also find some counting activity sheets packed in. From counting apples in the tree to learning to trace numbers in the apples- there’s lots to keep your kiddo busy and happy. 

Word Search

There’s a word search sheet packed in as well. With this, your kid will be able to identify different letters while improving his concentration and focus. 

Dot Painting

There’s a sheet dedicated to dot painting too! To minimize the mess, you can use dot markers for this one, or just stick to using q tips to dip in the paint- all depends on you. 

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Books About Apples

Take these apple activity worksheets a step further and pair them with one of these fun books incorporating apples:

Making this Apple Activity Pack More Fun

Guess what? You can actually add some more fun elements to these apple activity worksheets if you want to. 

  • You could team any of these sheets up with a nice A is for Alligator craft activity. 
  • The activity sheets in this pack can also be teamed up with this apple fingerprint worm craft –  a creative and fun way to introduce your kid to the upcoming back to school season. 
  • These sheets can also be teamed up with a nice alphabet caterpillar activity which can encourage the little learner to strengthen his alphabet recognition skills. 
Apple Acitivity Pack Free Printable Worksheets

Apple Crafts for Kids

You can also pair these apple activity sheets with one of our many fun apple crats. Be sure to check out our Apple Paper Photo Frame Craft, Apple Paper Plate Yarn Lacing Craft, Bushel of Thumbring Apples Craft, or our Apple Stamp Apple Basket Craft.

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