Apple Paper Photo Frames

Who’s ready for back to school? It will be here soon! These Apple Paper Photo Frames are a great way to showcase those adorable back to school photos, too! And it comes with a Free Paper Frame Template so folding and creating is easy.

apple paper photo frames against white background

These frames are simple to make with just a few cuts and folds. Depending on the paper used, they can be glue free, too. The thinnest paper available is best to make them no glue. Like a thin colored printer paper. If you go with normal construction paper you’ll most likely need to glue the flaps down. I wouldn’t recommend cardstock for this project.

apple paper photo frames against white background

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apple paper photo frames supplies needed

To make our Apple Paper Photo Frames you will need our Paper Frame Template, red and green colored paper, gold glitter clothespins, and scissors. A glue stick may also be needed.

Make these Paper Photo Frames

Supplies needed:

  • Paper Frame Template
  • Colored paper – red, green
  • Gold glitter clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Photos
  • Glue stick

The frame template is transparent so you can either print it on the color paper of your choice, cut out, and follow the lines to fold.

apple paper photo frame template against green paper

Or print on white paper and trace around the color paper of choice as shown. This way can be useful if you’re making more than one frame, as we were.

tracing the photo frame template on green paper

green paper frame cut out

After tracing on your paper, cut out around the outside line.

main folds for red paper frame

main folds for green paper frame

Then fold the flaps as shown.

folding the flaps of paper frame

Once you have the main fold of the flaps, fold the flaps in half down to the main fold line.

folded red paper photo frame

Then fold over to make your frame. Crease the lines to help them stay in place.

inserting photo in one end of red paper frame

Open one side of the frame and insert the photo.

green paper leaf cut out

Cut a simple leaf shape out of green paper.

gold clothespin clipped on red paper frame

Clip the top of the frame with the clothespin. Also make sure the clothespin is holding the photo, as well, especially if not using glue.

gold clothespin clipped on green paper frame holding green paper leaf

Clip the leaf in the clothespin, too.

finished apple paper frames on desk

Red or green is just as sweet for the apple of your eye.

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apple paper frames against white background

These frames are just perfect for those first day of school pics, but make a great fall frame, as well. We have more great ideas, too, just check out all of our back to school crafts at Our Kid Things!

apple paper frames pin image


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