Arts and Crafts: Effective Ways to Save Money on School Projects

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School supplies can cost a lot, especially when you are about to start a new school year. This cost can further escalate if you have to buy supplies for a school project. Depending on the project, you will have to buy several different crafting materials, tools, and gears to wear as well such as gloves and goggles.

Arts and Crafts: Effective Ways to Save Money on School Projects

Multiple projects during your school year can break your bank. This does not mean that you have to cut corners and turn in a sub-par project. You can still buy cool supplies to complete your work perfectly.

There are several ways you can save some pennies and even more if you use those ways intelligently. To get some great discounts and save on the expenses of buying school supplies, keep reading.

Follow Weekly Advertisements

The best way to save up money on supplies for a school project is to buy from stores that have discounts, coupons, and deals currently going on. But there are hundreds of stores. How do you find and keep track of all these stores?

You can do that by following store weekly ads on websites like EveryPayJoy where circulars are posted online weekly and on Sundays with the best deals of the week. These weekly ads show retail stores and grocery stores with all the coupons, best deals, and discounts that you can avail of a huge sum kicked off your next purchase for the school project.

Target, Walmart, CVS, and many more stores have weekly discounts going on that you may not even know about. By following these weekly ads, you will know which store to visit for discounted prices during the timeline of your school project. The best part is that these ads are sorted by category so you can pick the type of store or supplies you want and make sure that the store offering those weekly discounts sells your required items.

Scout the Internet for Influencer Discounts

Many online bloggers and influencers in different categories can help you get discounts. These influencers often take up brand collaborations as a part of the company’s promotion campaign and offer discounts on several products. Sometimes when the collaboration is with the store brand or the retail store itself, all the major product sections might be on discount for a while.

Search and check the content of different bloggers to know who posts what. Follow the main accounts that provide tips on saving money in terms of daily shopping or just general influencers.

You can also go to the store’s website or social media page and look for collaborations with influencers. They usually post it on their page. Note down the discount code and use it on the checkout page.

Visit Thrift Stores

Thrift stores usually function on the donations they get from high-end stores, rich people, and others as well. You will find several random items here at significantly lowered prices. But the catch here is that they might sometimes be a little defective or used.

However, you could easily find several items here that are not defective and just used. If you are lucky, some items might be brand new too. The tricky part here is to find valuable and useful stuff. You will have to scour the shops, take your time on thrift shopping, and you might find some crafty items for your project that can be used.

Look Up Yard Sales

You can find several items like jars and more stuff in yard sales. You might think that it is just another person’s useless items, but they can turn out to be a treasure trove for you.

So, if there is a yard sale going on or about to happen in your neighborhood, go take a look. You never know what you can find from there. Yard sales are not made of old and dingy things only. There could be new and valuable things too that the person selling just doesn’t need anymore. Keep looking for promotional signs in your neighborhood for upcoming garage or yard sales.

Borrow from Your Acquaintances

If you can take care of someone else’s materials and things, a good way is to borrow stuff from the people you already know and trust. You can borrow some stuff from your parents. Parents usually have a collection of supplies like scissors and boxes right in their homes. Some of the crafty stuff like needles that don’t need to undergo modification can be borrowed. Your parents may even have stuff that they don’t use anymore and will be happy to give it to you permanently.

Other than that, you can ask your friends and neighbors to borrow some stuff like colors or glue. This can save a lot of money from being spent on things that you can just use and return to the lender.

Key Takeaways

Keep following and looking for coupons, sales, and discounts in the weekly ads. They are the best shot at saving money on supplies. You should also keep looking for discounts in other places. A neighborhood store may be offering sale prices or discount codes from a blogger.

Buy during the sale season and save up supplies for later use. Don’t spend unnecessarily and try to use things for multiple purposes. Happy shopping!

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