Staying Well this Winter with AmWell

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I’m always terrified of us getting sick this time of year. We’re a family that loves to play, smile, laugh, and be active, even in the cold or rain, and it’s horrible when we’re stuck in with aches and chills instead. This year, we’re planning to stay well this winter with AmWell.

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Last year was the worst with colds, pneumonia, and illnesses that wouldn’t end. Because with a large family,, as soon as one person in the house gets sick, the entire house gets sick. Then it’s just a vicious cycle. Worst of the worst, however, is when our littlest one also falls ill.

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The older kids and I, we can complain and vocalize what’s wrong. With the baby, though, it’s heartbreaking when I know that all he wants to do is get up and play.

#ad Staying Well this Winter with AmWell #getwellwithamwell

So what to do? Is it worth a trip to the pediatrician’s office, with plenty of other germs and potential flu victims? Especially when it’s probably nothing more than a runny nose. As a worried mom, that just sounds like adding insult to injury. A visit with Amwell from the comfort of home is much better.

About Amwell

Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors for immediate and live, online visits. Available on iPhone, Android, or desktop, Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy from minor illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management. All from the comfort of your home. At $59 a visit, it’s a small price for peace of mind.

I used the service last year, and plan to again this year when needed. From our previous experience, signing up was easy. After inputting some of our basic information, I was able to look through a list of available medical doctors as well as read their credentials. I then chose a family physician who appeared to have plenty of experience giving advice to worried moms and waited my turn.

As our visit started, I was immediately put at ease. This time, she inquired about symptoms. Runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes. Then asked if there appeared to be any chest congestion, fever, diarrhea, or anything that may be cause for further concern. She asked how well he was eating, wet diapers, and sleeping, along with just his general mood.

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Thankfully, the doctor assured me that he was simply a baby with a cold and should be fine. Which he was. And we went through rounds of other colds throughout that winter. Like I said, it was the worst. She gave us a few tips to keep him comfortable, and we also remembered a few more from our past experience.

5 Helpful Tips to Get Your Baby Well

1. Keep Hydrated – Plenty of fluids are the most important when a baby is sick. Breastmilk or formula, and lots of it. Make sure baby is wetting the appropriate amount of diapers.

2. Run a Humidifier or Steam Shower – We went the steam shower route once a day for a couple days to make sure our baby’s nose was clear. Just run hot water in the shower and sit in the bathroom for about 15 minutes while the steam fills the room.

3. Wash Hands – To keep from getting re-infected, make sure everyone’s hands are cleaned thoroughly. Especially baby’s. Wet wipes are for more than diaper changes, they’re great for little hands, too.

4. Keep them Home – The best place for a baby with a cold to be is the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re an adult or a kid. It’s a good thing that you can do anything online these days, too, from ordering food to buying groceries to visiting the doctor without having to sit in a waiting room.

5. Ride it Out – Unless baby has a fever, most over the counter remedies aren’t recommended at this age. Rest and fluids are about all a baby with a cold should need. If it does get worse, however, a trip to the doctor may be necessary.

#ad Staying Well this Winter with AmWell #getwellwithamwell

Our doctor visit from Amwell really helped put our mind at ease. I’m so glad we were able to get some of our questions answered, all from the comfort of home. Thankfully for us, the next day he was already acting better and was back to himself shortly after.

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