Back to School Color by Number Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheets can be a good way to boost your kid’s fine motor skills, and that’s what these Back to School Color by Number Coloring Sheets are all about. Of course, getting your kids busy in art and craft activities is not just a great way to keep them busy and occupied in something constructive, but also a wonderful way to inspire their creativity.

Back to School Color by Number Free Printable Coloring Sheets

Download the Back to School Color by Number Coloring Sheets

These sheets are not just your regular coloring sheets – your kiddo is supposed to color them based on numbers, which adds an extra layer of challenge and fun. Your little one will also be able to learn numbers and follow specific instructions with this fun activity.

Why our Back to School Color by Number Coloring Sheets?

You’ll absolutely love these back to school color by number coloring sheets for many reasons.

These sheets are a great way to keep your kid busy and entertained when you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day or are in the restaurant waiting for your meal to arrive.  

They combine the fun of puzzles and activities and bring in the focus and concentration of colors into a single sheet- perfect to keep the kiddo busy with something that he’ll actually enjoy doing. 

Your kid will be able to identify numbers, and how to assign different colors to a number, and then use that as a key to coloring the entire picture. 

I also think these sheets would be an amazing way to get your kids excited and ready for a new term at school. They can be a great way for them to build some healthy and positive expectations about school and actually look forward to it! 

What’s Inside

Inside, you’ll find 8 unique and fun back to school inspired color by number coloring sheets. 

School Essentials 

You’ll find a few coloring sheets dedicated to school essentials- from backpacks to pencils. You could also use these sheets to help educate your kid about packing and getting all the school essentials ready for the next day. 

Food Fun

The pack of coloring sheets also has a couple of sheets centered around food and lunch boxes, which is a must, especially when it comes to encouraging healthy eating and building a stress-free meal time approach. 

School Time

From the school bus to the school itself, you’ll find a couple more sheets that pack in the same color by number fun element. Once the page is colored and finished, it is like a beautiful mystery that’s solved.

>> Get the Back to School Color By Number Coloring Sheets here!

Books About Learning Colors

Pair our back to school coloring sheets with some fun books about art and color, too, to really help learn and appreciate all the very many different shades:

Making these Back to School Coloring Sheets More Fun

Guess what? You can actually add some more fun elements to this activity pack if you want to. 

  • You could choose to laminate these sheets to make them reusable. Some crayons might work over the laminated sheets, and so do washable paints and washable markers. 
  • You can also team these up with some fun back to school crafts and activities to make it even more fun. 
  • I would also recommend printing out this back to school coloring book along with these sheets.
Back to School Color by Number Free Printable Coloring Sheets

Back to School Craft Ideas

To make these coloring sheets even more fun, you can team them up with some colorful back to school crafts. Be sure to check out our Paper Bag Colored Pencil Craft, Handprint Box of Crayons Craft, or even just a simple Cardboard Roll Crayon Craft.

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