Bear Hug Card

I thought we were done making Valentine’s Day crafts for now, but then the idea for this Bear Hug Card Craft around well, you can’t resist a bear hug. Be sure to grab the Free Printable Bear Hug Card Template, too, to quickly, adorably, and safely give your friends and family a hug.

Bear Hug Card main image.

Who can resist a bear hug? I mean, not an actual hug from a bear. You probably don’t want one of those. But the giant, arms wrapped in a full embrace around you kind of hug.

Bear Hug Card styled image.

Bear Hug Card styled image.

And these bear hug cards are just cute. It opens to give an actual hug and you can write a Valentine’s Day message on the inside.

Give a Bear Hug with this DIY Card for Valentine’s Day

Bear Hug Card supplies needed.

To make our Bear Hug Card Craft you will need our Bear Hug Card Template, cardstock in 2 shades of brown and black, a black sharpie, small-medium googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick. A heart paper punch is optional.

DIY Bear Hug Card Craft Supplies Needed

  • Bear Hug Template
  • Cardstock – lighter brown, darker brown, black
  • Black sharpie
  • Googly eyes, small-medium
  • Heart paper punch (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Bear Hug Card Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the bear hug template. Cut out the pieces.

Brown cardstock folded in half with oval traced at the fold.

Fold a sheet of the lighter brown cardstock in half. Place the top of the main head oval right at the fold, trace, and cut out.

Brown cardstock oval card.

You should now have a card.

Ears and muzzle cut.

Cut the ears out of the same brown cardstock. The round muzzle piece is cut from the darker brown cardstock.

Two brown cardstock strips for arms.

Now, cut two long strips from the lighter brown cardstock, each about 2” wide.

Round ends of strips and drawn toe lines.

Round the corners of one end and use the black sharpie to draw toe lines.

Strips glued together.

Glue the two strips together on the straight ends.

Strips glued .

Glue to the bottom of the back of the card.

Black paper hearts.

Cut or use the heart paper punch to make 3 hearts from the black cardstock.

Hearts glued in middle of ears.

Next, glue 2 of the hearts in the center of the ears.

Heart glued in muzzle for nose and mouth drawn with black sharpie.

And 1 of the hearts on the muzzle. Also, use the black sharpie to draw a mouth.

Ears glued in place.

Glue the ears in place on the inside of the front of the card.

Muzzle glued in place and eyes, too.

Glue the muzzle in place, as well. Adhere googly eyes.

Make snips on paws.

Finally, make a slit about halfway DOWN on one of the arms, past the lines. And make a slit on the opposite arm about halfway UP.

Bring arms together and slide paws together at snips.

Bring the two arms together and slide together at the slits.

Bear hug card message.

Write your Valentine’s Day message on the inside of the card. And gently fold the arms down for a hug effect.

Bear Hug Card styled image.

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