Best Tips for Travelling to Athens with Kids

A Guide to Ancient Adventures and Modern Family Fun

Athens is a city that invites you to discover it, no matter your age, mixing its deep historical background with a vibrant spirit suitable for family visits. With some organising and the willingness to adapt, your journey can become an unforgettable event for all participants.

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Plan for the Ages

History is fascinating, but to speak truthfully – long tours in museums may not always keep the attention of younger explorers. To make sure that all remain interested, it’s important to find a good balance. Switch between must-see landmarks such as the Acropolis and places that are nice for children, including museums with hands-on exhibits and many areas to play outside. Before you go there, turn the old ruins into a story that feels alive. Create a narrative about gods and heroes to grab their interest and give life to those ancient rocks.

Fuel for Young Explorers

Greek food, which mixes the tastes of the Mediterranean sea region, usually pleases children. Souvlaki, that is meat on sticks grilled over fire, pita are bread pockets stuffed with flavorful fillings, and koulouri is a ring-shaped bread with sesame scattered on top, are good for eating while walking around. Bring your family to a lively market journey, such as Varvakios Agora, where stands are full of bright fruits, olives and sweet baked goods. Allow the young ones to choose their own snacks for extra enjoyment. When it is time to have a formal meal, try to find classic taverns that offer seats outside in busy areas like Plaka or Thissio.

Transfers Around the City and Beyond

Athens offers various transportation methods, making it simple for your family to move around. The metro is up-to-date, very tidy and works well; it’s good for going far across the city. For short walks in the middle, it is good to explore Athens by walking. It’s an easy city to walk around for people who like to stroll and there are always new things for children to see. Here are other options to consider:

  • Taxis and Athens airport transfer services are easy to find, but if you arrange with a dependable company from the airport before your trip, it makes your arrival smooth and they have child seats if needed.
  • Tourist buses provide a pleasant method allowing you to get on and off at will, which helps in visiting important monuments and understanding the layout of the place.

Home is Where the Pool Is (Maybe)

The place you decide to stay is very important for the success of your family journey. If you stay in central places, such as Plaka, Monastiraki or Koukaki, it means that you can walk to the big tourist attractions and spots good for families. For bigger families, an apartment or suite is very beneficial because it offers more room for everyone to unwind and has a kitchen which helps save money on food. Also, when you travel in the hotter seasons, finding a hotel with a swimming pool can be wonderful as children love to play in water after spending time visiting places.

Magical Moments Beyond the Ruins

Athens has many small unexpected things for people who explore more than the famous places. Go on the cable car to Lycabettus Hill’s peak and be amazed by the wide views of the city. Allow children to play freely in the National Gardens, where there are paths with shade, areas for playing and a little zoo as well. See the impressive ceremony of Guard Change – the Evzones at Syntagma Square dress in tidy uniforms and march together. If you desire enjoyment by the sea, Athenian Riviera is close and has sandy shores for making sandcastles and putting your feet in transparent waters.

Tips for an Epic Athenian Odyssey

Slow down and make sure there is time to rest for children and grown-ups. Seeing Athens takes endurance, it’s not a quick race.

  • Welcome surprises: Walking on unknown paths or finding a local celebration by chance might create the most precious moments to remember.
  • Let the children help plan the journey. They might enjoy a break at a playground or choosing to go to their favorite toy store, and it could become the best part of their day.

Athens holds many special experiences, showing its wonders to visitors who are ready to discover them. If you plan well, book your transfers in advance, have a spirit for adventure and include lots of activities that the whole family can enjoy, your trip to Athens will become a cherished memory for your children that they’ll speak about long into the future.

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