Bushel of Thumbprint Apples

Put those little thumbs to good use with this adorable Bushel of Thumbprint Apples Craft! With overflowing baskets of red and green thumbprint apples, this makes such a sweet fall craft keepsake.

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I’m so ready for the fall season. It is my favorite, I love everything about it. The changing trees, the falling leaves, the temperature change, the scents, and the tastes of fall, as well. All of it. I also love apples and apple picking time.

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bushel of thumbprint apples craft supplies needed

For our Bushel of Thumbprint Apples Craft you will need cardstock in brown and we used light blue for the base, red and green acrylic paint, brown and green markers, scissors, and a glue stick.

Use Your Thumbprint to Make a Bushel of Apples

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock – brown, light blue
  • Acrylic paint – red, green
  • Markers – brown, green
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by gathering your base card. We used light blue cardstock cards that were about 5×5”.

cut brown cardstock upside down trapezoid

Now, cut an upside down trapezoid from the brown cardstock to fit inside the base cardstock.

brown marker weave lines

Draw weave lines with the brown marker.

basket glued to bottom center of light blue card

Glue to the bottom center of the base card.

red thumbprint apples

Next, pour red and green paint. Use your thumbprint to start making red apples.

green thumbprint apples

And green apples, too. Make a few that have fallen out of the overflowing basket, as well. Let dry.

brown marker stems and green marker leaves

Then use the brown and green markers to draw simple lines for stems and leaves.

finished bushels of thumbprint apples

How cute are those?! We’re so happy with how this fall craft turned out! Of course, the littler the thumb the littler the thumbprint apples. So you’ll just be able to make more!

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bushel of thumbprint apples styled image on white background

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