Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft

When you’re stuck together this summer in the relief of air conditioning on a scorching hot day, the situation could get prickly. Or, you can make our fun Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft! With a Free Printable Cactus Template, too, to further keep the pricklies at bay.

Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft main image.

We love the flowering aspect of our cactus craft. You can make the flower any color you want and our template has a few different flower patterns to choose from, as well. This would make such a fun summer decoration!

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Make a Cactus Craft with a Cardboard Roll

To make our Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft you will need our Cactus Template, along with construction paper in green, brown, and other assorted flower colors.

Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft supplies needed.

Also needed is a clean toilet paper size cardboard roll, a green marker, glue, and scissors.

Flowering Cactus Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cactus Template
  • Construction paper – green, brown, assorted flower color
  • Cardboard roll
  • Green marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Cardboard Roll Cactus Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the cactus template.

Trace and cut out template pieces, as well as large green piece to cover cardboard roll.

Select green colored paper for the cactus patterns and the colored construction paper of your choice for the flower pattern. Trace the template patterns and cut out.

Also, cut green paper to cover the cardboard roll. Use the green marker to draw arrows for the spines on the paper and on the 2 cactus stem cutouts.

Trace circumference of roll on green paper and cut out. Cut a small strip and glue to the top.

Trace the circumference of the roll and cut out the shape on green paper. Also, cut a small strip from green colored paper. Fold the small strip in half and glue to the top of the circumference piece.

Wrap the cardboard roll in the green paper.

Now, cover the cardboard roll with the big green paper. Fold the small strip into half and stick it on the top center of the round paper piece.

Fold the ends of the cactus arms and glue along the sides of the roll.

Fold the straight ends of the stem cutouts and apply glue on the folded parts. Stick the glued parts to the cardboard roll, opposite to one another so that they can be seen from the front side.

Glue the round paper piece to the top of the roll.

Cover the top side of the cardboard roll with the round paper piece. Apply glue to fix its position on the top of the cardboard roll.

Cut a small strip from brown paper and glue to the bottom of the roll.

Then, cut a thin strip of brown paper and glue along the bottom of the cardboard roll.

Trace and cut out flower shapes.

Next, trace and cut out the flower patterns.

Glue flower shapes together.

Glue the flower cutouts together to complete the flower craft.

Glue flower to the top of the roll, to the small folded strip.

Finally, glue the flower to the small folded strip on top of the cardboard roll.

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