Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft

There’s something so sweet and cuddly about the thought of the Easter Bunny. We took that sweet and cuddly bunny and put a bow tie on him to make our adorable Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft!

Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft main image.

This is a pretty simple cardboard roll craft, but the craft foam bow tie really sets him off. You can make it as colorful as you want, but since it’s an Easter craft then it’s my opinion that the more colorful the better.

Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft styled image.

Make a Bunny Craft for Easter

To make our Easter Bunny craft you will need a toilet paper roll size cardboard roll, grey construction paper, craft foam in a variety of bright colors, small googly eyes, paint pens or markers, and glue.

Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft supplies needed.

Hot glue will also be needed to hold the craft foam bow ties. You can also add a white pom for a fluffy bunny tail, too.

Easter Bunny Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard roll
  • Grey construction paper
  • Craft foam – assorted bright colors
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Paint pens or markers – white, black, assorted colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White pom

Cardboard Roll Bunny Step by Step Instructions

Cut a strip of grey construction paper to the size of the cardboard roll. You could use acrylic paint, instead.

Grey paper cut to size and glued onto roll.

Glue the grey paper strip onto the roll.

Stick googly eyes towards top of roll.

Next, adhere googly eyes towards the top of the roll.

Draw nose and mouth with fine-tip pens or markers.

Use a black paint pen or marker to draw a nose, mouth, and teeth. You can also add detail with a white marker.

Cut and make bunny ears.

Now, cut ear shapes from the same grey paper as the roll, adding details with the black and white paint pens or markers.

Glue ears in place.

Glue ears to the top of the roll, just above the eyes.

Cut simple bow tie shapes from craft foam.

Then, cut simple bow tie shapes from the craft foam. Add colorful details with the paint pens or markers.

Glue bow ties in place.

Attach the bowtie to the bunny. Finish the Easter Bunny by gluing on a white pom to one side of the roll for the tail.

Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny Craft styled image.

All I can say is, this Bunny has style! We do love a Bunny in a bow tie.

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