Cardboard Roll Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft

There may not be a better fall tree craft for kids than this adorable, and so super easy, Cardboard Roll Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft! Make a whole colorful forest of fall trees in all the different beautiful shades of the autumn season!

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I absolutely love how this fall tree craft turned out. We loved it so much so, in fact, that we began experimenting with different colors of paper and paints. What started out as a simple fall apple tree craft then turned to orange trees and red, too.

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fingerprint fall tree craft supplies needed

To make our Cardboard Roll Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft you will need clean cardboard rolls. We used the toilet paper roll size as well as paper towel rolls cut into thirds. Also needed are acrylic paints in fall colors, cardstock in fall colors, and scissors.

Cardboard Roll Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft

Supplies needed:

Cardboard rolls
Acrylic paint – red, orange, yellow, green, brown
Cardstock – green, orange, red

Begin by deciding what kind of fall tree you’re creating. Green cardstock for apple trees, orange or red for regular fall trees.

fall tree tops cut from cardstock

Then cut a sheet of cardstock into a large cloud shape.

cardboard roll snips

Cut two slits in a cardboard roll, one on each side. Cut a paper towel roll in thirds in slightly different sizes, too, for some variation in height.

red paint fingerprints on green cardstock

Now, gather your fall colored paints and begin making fingerprints of leaves over the cardstock. Red apples on the green cardstock.

fall colors on orange cardstock

And multi colors of yellow, brown, orange, and red on the orange as well as red cardstock. Let the paint dry.

tree tops inserted in cardboard roll slits

Once the paint is dry, simply insert the tree tops into the slits in the cardboard roll.

fingerprint fall trees

You can have an entire forest of sweet, fingerprint fall trees in very little time! A perfect afternoon autumn craft!

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fingerprint fall tree craft styled image on white background

Such a fun fall keepsake! Be sure to check out more of our great fall crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

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