Cardboard Roll Truffula Trees Craft

Snowed in this past weekend, I broke out some crafting supplies, including cardboard rolls. It’s a staple that I try to remember to never throw away, because there are so many things you can make with them. With this batch, we made some really easy Cardboard Roll Truffula Trees Craft!

Cardboard Roll Flowers and Trees Kids Craft - including a Truffalo Tree for Dr. Seuss Day!

Considering all the snow outside, I thought we could make something creative that has to do with spring. I’m actually a huge fan of the snow, it’s beautiful out there. If only it wasn’t so cold.

When I think of spring, I think of green trees coming back to life and colorful blooms. Thus, that’s what we made with our cardboard rolls. The best thing about these Cardboard Roll Truffula Trees Craft is that they’re easy, yes, but your little one can be as creative and colorful as they want while getting messy with paint. It’s a great craft for World Reading Day and a wonderful way to keep kids busy on otherwise long afternoons!

Cardboard Roll Truffula Trees Craft

Supplies needed:

  • cardboard rolls (empty toilet paper rolls)
  • variety of paint colors
  • scissors

For the smaller trees, cut your roll in half. This makes 2 separate trees. Paint half the cut roll with green paint. Then paint the other half in whatever color, or colors, you’d like the leaves to be. Let sit to dry. You can also round off the tips and paint on the inside of the roll, too.

The taller Truffula trees are the same concept, except you don’t need to cut the roll in half. In fact, for regular trees all you need to do is paint the top of the roll in your Truffula tree color, then cut slits and bend down. Paint the inside.

For the striped Truffalo Trees, same concept except paint the stem yellow with black stripes, then paint the leaves red or purple or orange. And you have Truffalo Trees! Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Cardboard Roll Flowers and Trees Kids Craft - including a Truffalo Tree for Dr. Seuss Day!

You can make a whole garden, or forest of foliage! While they’re not real flowers and bright green trees, it’s a touch of spring anyway. And these Cardboard Roll Flowers and Trees would make a perfect playscape for my 4 Leaf Clover Butterflies.

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