Cardboard Roll Frankenstein

I love Halloween and I love all the fun crafts that you can make for Halloween. There’s goblins and ghosts and witches, oh my! There’s also Frankenstein, and this Cardboard Roll Frankenstein Craft is so super fun and easy.

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Striking in just black and green, Frankenstein is such a great character to craft. Everything from his jagged bangs to the scar across his eyebrow, the lopsided eyes and the bolts on his neck. Little touches that really make the guy who he is, and they’re so fun to craft together.

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So fun, in fact, that we’ve done a few over the years. Like our Plastic Bottle Frankenstein, a Tissue Paper Craft Stick Frankenstein, and these Paper Plate Halloween Treat Boxes, with good ol’ Frankie included. We also made this Frankenstein Printable that you can color in.

cardboard roll frankenstein craft supplies needed

To make our Cardboard Roll Frankenstein Craft you will need toilet paper size cardboard rolls, green acrylic paint, black paper, a black marker, two different sized googly eyes, a stapler, glue stick, and scissors.

Make Frankenstein with a Cardboard Roll

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Black paper
  • Black marker
  • Googly eyes, different sized small-medium
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by painting the cardboard roll green.

cardboard roll painted green

The very top of the cardboard roll can be left unpainted. Let dry.

jagged edge on black strip paper

Now, cut a jagged strip from the width of the black paper.

black jagged edge stapled in place for hair

Staple in place around the top, unpainted part of the cardboard roll. Trim the end to fit.

bottom snips

Form 2 slits on opposite sides on the bottom of the cardboard roll. About an inch in.

black strip of paper in snips

Then cut a small strip, long enough to go through both slits. Also cut two small pieces, slightly wider than the strip, out of the black paper. Insert the long strip through both slits.

squares of paper glued to end of strips

And glue the small pieces to the ends of the strip.

googly eyes and mouth drawn with black marker

Next, adhere 2 different sized googly eyes. And, form a mouth and scars with the black marker.

finished frankenstein craft

Now that has to be the cutest group of Frankensteins around!

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cardboard roll frankenstein craft styled image on white background

Such a fun Frankenstein craft, am I right? Be sure to check out more of our Halloween crafts at Our Kid Things!

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