Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars

Make sure you have a clear view of the 4th of July fireworks show with our Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars! This is a really fun craft to get kids excited for the colors lighting up the sky.

Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars main image.

Of course, these cardboard roll binoculars won’t actually bring anything more into focus, but they just might work at covering some of the surrounding lights. It’s why we also like calling them our firework peepers.

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Make July 4th Binoculars with Cardboard Rolls

Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars craft supplies.

To make our Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars Craft you will need 2 toilet paper size cardboard rolls, acrylic paint in red and blue, white paper, yarn or string, a single paper punch, a star paper punch, shiny pipe cleaners, glue dots, a glue stick, and scissors.

Firework Binoculars Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Acrylic paint – red, blue
  • White paper
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Star paper punch
  • Regular paper punch
  • Shiny pipe cleaners
  • Glue dots
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

July 4th Cardboard Roll Binoculars Step by Step Directions

Begin with 2 toilet paper size cardboard rolls.

Paint cardboard rolls.

Paint one of the rolls red, the other blue. Let dry.

Punch stars from white paper and glue on rolls.

Now, use the star paper punch to make some white paper stars. Glue randomly around the rolls.

Cut pipe cleaner in half.

Next, cut a shiny pipe cleaner in half.

Adhere pipe cleaner around roll.

Use glue dots to secure one half of the pipe cleaner around the end of one of the cardboard rolls. And do the same around the end of the other roll. You could use hot glue for this step instead, but I don’t really like working with hot glue with kids. And the glue dots work just fine.

Glue rolls together.

Also use the glue dots to secure the two rolls together.

Punch holes on sides of binoculars.

Then, punch holes on both sides of the binoculars, on the end without the pipe cleaner. Again, you can adhere pipe cleaner on both ends of the rolls, but I know the little strands of the pipe cleaner like to flake off and I didn’t want those getting in anyone’s eye. The little things moms think about.

Tie a loop of yarn.

Finally, cut a strand of yarn or ribbon and tie in the holes so the kids can keep the binoculars in a loop around their neck.

Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars.

Enjoy those fireworks!

Cardboard Roll July 4th Binoculars Craft styled image.

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