Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft

Sometimes, a craft idea turns out so cute that there’s no way I could ever keep it to myself. Not like that’s ever going to happen, anyway. I mean, have you been to my website lately? But the point is, we absolutely love this Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft and they’re ready to love you back this Valentine’s Day, too.

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So, I might have a bit of a fascination with monsters. The friendly kind, mind you. And there’s nothing cuter than the silly monster faces that kids can come up with. Which is why this is just a great craft all around.

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Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft supplies needed

To make our Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft you will need our simple monster template to help with the size of the arms, hair, and heart. Along with the template you will need toilet paper size cardboard rolls, lightweight cardstock and acrylic paint in assorted colors, white paper, a black sharpie, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make a Valentine’s Day Love Monster

Supplies needed:

  • Monster template
  • Cardboard rolls
  • Lightweight cardstock – red, assorted colors
  • Acrylic paint – assorted colors
  • White paper
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by painting toilet paper size cardboard rolls in the colors of your choice.

paint cardboard roll

We went with green, purple, and pink. Let the paint dry completely.

blue strips cut

Now, print the monster template for the arms, hair strip, and heart sizes. Cut out and trace the arms and hair strips on a different color cardstock. Cut out.

heart cut

And trace the heart on red cardstock and cut out.

monster eyes and mouth drawn on white paper

Then, use the black sharpie to draw monster eyes and a mouth on white paper. You want the lines fairly simple and bold, because you’ll be cutting it out.

cut out face

Cut out the eyes and mouth.

larger blue strip glued inside top of cardboard roll

Glue the bottom of the hair strip to the inside of the top of the cardboard roll.

jagged pieces cut from blue strip

And cut jagged pieces around the strip.

snips in bottom of cardboard roll

Next, make two snips on opposite sides starting from the bottom of the cardboard roll, going up to about the middle of the roll.

insert arms in slits

Insert the arms in the slits.

glue heart to ends of arms

And glue the ends of the arms to the sides of the heart.

eyes and mouth glued

Finally, adhere the face to the top of the monster.

Cardboard Roll Love Monsters

Your monsters are ready to go wild for love! Seriously, so cute!

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Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft styled image on white background

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