Cardboard Yarn Lacing Owl Craft

Whooo loves fall? We do! I am so much more of a long sleeves, falling leaves, pumpkin pie kind of person. I also love all the animals associated with fall, and this Cardboard Yarn Lacing Owl Craft is so much fun to do together on a fall afternoon. With a Free Printable Owl Template, too!

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Yarn crafts are some of our favorites. Not only can they be great for fine motor practice, but I just love the texture. We wrap yarn around cardboard rolls to make bears and bugs, we lace hearts, apples, and now owls, and even tie it together to make monsters. There’s really not a lot we haven’t done with yarn, except knit with it.

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cardboard yarn lacing owl craft supplies needed

To make our Cardboard Lacing Owl Craft you will first need our Owl Template. You will also need a large piece of cardboard. We used an old cereal box. Multi-color yarn, large googly eyes, colorful markers, a black markers, scissors, a hole punch, tape, and a glue stick are the rest of the supplies.

Make an Owl Craft with Yarn and Cardboard

Supplies needed:

  • Owl Template
  • Cardboard
  • Multi-color yarn
  • Googly eyes, large
  • Markers – black, and an assortment of colors
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue stick

Begin by printing the template. Cut it out, as well as the inside circle.

trace template on cardboard

Line up the template on a large piece of cardboard. The inside of a cereal box works great for this. Trace the template with a black marker, including the inside circle.

cut out template

Now cut the owl shape out of the cardboard outside the black line.

cut out inner circle of owl

Carefully insert scissors into the center of the inside circle and cut out as well, inside the black line.

make wings with the cut out inner circle

Cut the cut-out inside circle in half. Trim the frayed side, if needed, then cut both to the same size. Set aside.

punch holes around the owl circle

Punch holes around the circle on the owl, outside the black lines. I liked using the black line as a guide for this.

insert yarn and tape

Then, insert one end of a long strand of colorful yarn into one of the holes. Tape the end to the back of the owl. Use another piece to wrap around the other end to make it easier for lacing.

yarn lacing

finished yarn lacing

And lace in and out of the holes. Once finished, tape the end to the back of the box.

draw beak and wing outlines

Now, use the black marker to draw a beak triangle. Also, outline the wings with black marker, as well.

color beak and wings with markers

Use the colorful markers to color in the beak and add designs on the wings.

glue on googly eyes

Adhere googly eyes.

glue wings to side of owl

Then finally, glue the wings to the side of the owl.

finished yarn lacing owls

Make more owls with different colors of yarn and wings. These are so pretty hanging up for display!

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cardboard yarn lacing owl craft styled image on white background

Whooo loves this craft? We do! And we hope you do, too! Be sure to check out more of our fall crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

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