Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly

There’s no denying, summer is definitely just around the corner. It was almost 90 degrees around here yesterday. I’m not quite prepared for that yet. I am prepared for the fun summer crafts, though, like our Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly Craft!

Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly Magnet Craft, Summer Craft

These Clothespin Glitter Dragonflies are bright and cheery and the perfect kind of craft to buzz through an exceptionally warm afternoon. And, like most of our crafts at Our Kid Things, they’re made with very few, simple supplies.

You’ll need wood clothespins, glue, and glitter for the main body. Then, finish off the Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly with sparkly pipe cleaner wings and some fun googly eyes. To make your Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly craft a functional piece, simply apply a magnet to the back. Now, he’s ready to decorate the fridge and hold paperwork or the newest piece of artwork.

Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly Craft

Supplies needed:

  • clothespins
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue
  • school Glue
  • magnets
  • pipe Cleaners
  • glitter

Begin by covering your clothespin in glue. I did this by adding drops of glue and smearing it around with my finger. Then coat your clothespin in glitter and shake off excess. Set aside and allow glue to dry completely.

Once your glue is dry, hot glue google eyes on the very top of your clothespin.

Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly Magnet Craft, Summer Craft

You will need two pipe cleaners per dragonfly for this step. Cut your pipe cleaners into two pieces, making one side slightly longer than the other. Bend your pipe cleaners into a wing shape and hot glue the ends together. Do this with the top and bottom wings. Hot glue your dragonfly’s wings onto the back of your clothespin. Glue the wings as close together as you can get them.

Glue a magnet onto the back of your clothespin and it’s all finished. Your dragonfly is ready to take flight!

Clothespin Glitter Dragonfly Magnet Craft, Summer Craft

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