Coffee Filter Snowy Owls Craft

Whooo loves some fun owls? This Coffee Filter Snowy Owls Craft is perfect for winter, and easy for even the littlest of hands to create. Coffee filters, markers, and glue make for a really cute winter craft.

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It’s amazing what can be done with a coffee filter. This time, we’ve simply cut one in half, gave a few little folds, and drew on feather markings with a black marker. The contrast of the black and white is quite lovely.

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Coffee Filter Snowy Owls Craft supplies

For our Coffee Filter Snowy Owls Craft you will need coffee filters, black and brown cardstock, a black marker, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make a Snowy Owls Craft with Coffee Filters

Supplies needed:

  • Coffee filters
  • Cardstock – black, brown
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

First, take a sheet of brown cardstock. And rip off an end piece so it doesn’t have a flat edge.

brown cardstock strip ripped

Then, rip a full strip from the brown cardstock. Also rip the end of the strip.

tree branch glued

Glue the brown strip in place against the edge of the black cardstock.

coffee filters fold

Now, fold two edges of a coffee filter.

coffee filters cut

And cut the coffee filter in half.

coffee filters glued

Gluing only the middle section, leaving the wings unglued, position the owls in place on the branch.

black marker drawn feathers

Next, use the black marker to make feather patterns on the wings.

black marker drawn eyes and beak

Finally, use the black marker to draw eyes, a beak, and more feathers on the body of the owl.

Coffee Filter Snowy Owls

Fold the wings back over the body. So simple and so be-whooo-tiful!

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