Coffee Filter Watercolor Owl

Whooo doesn’t love a fun owl craft? This Coffee Filter Watercolor Owl Craft is one of our favorites, not only because they turned out so cute, but you get to play with watercolor paint in the process, making each one unique.

watercolor owl craft main image on white background

If you see from our watercolor palette, we’ve done a lot with watercolors over our crafting life. I need to remember to pick up some new colors. And a craft like this is such a fun way to paint without having to worry about staying in the lines, so it’s great for all ages.

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coffee filter watercolor owl craft supplies

To make our Coffee Filter Watercolor Owl Craft you will need white coffee filters, watercolor paints, brown cardstock as well as colors for the wings, large googly eyes, colorful diamond shaped buttons, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make this Watercolor Owl Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Coffee filters
  • Cardstock – brown, purple, pink, orange, yellow, etc.
  • Googly eyes, large
  • Colorful diamond or triangle buttons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by getting your area ready for watercolors. We used an old cookie sheet. Whatever you use, the color will seep through. We then transferred our coffee filters to clean paper towels for drying. And also wiped our cookie sheet clean after each use.

painting coffee filter with watercolors

painting coffee filter with watercolors

Once your area is ready, begin painting with whatever watercolors and in whatever pattern you’d like for your owls.

dried coffee filters

Let the coffee filters dry.

cut notch on top of coffee filter

Once the coffee filters are dry, cut a crescent notch from the top of the coffee filter.

glue watercolor coffee filter on brown cardstock

Now, glue onto a sheet of brown cardstock.

googly eyes

Adhere googly eyes.

gluing on purple diamond button beak

And a colorful diamond or triangle button beak.

cut wings from purple paper

Then, cut two wing shapes out of a colorful sheet of cardstock. We folded our sheet in half and cut, to make them both the same size.

glue wings in place

Glue the wings in place along the side of the owl.

watercolor owl craft styled image on white background

Whoooo’s ready for some fun crafting?!

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watercolor owl craft styled image on white background

We hope you love this fall craft as much as we do! Then be sure to check out more of our fall crafts for kids at Our Kid Things, including many more fun owl crafts!

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