Color-In Photo Props

New Year’s Eve is an occasion to get together with friends and just have a really fun time. Whether your friends are 5 or 50, and whatever kind of fun that may entail. But no matter how old you are, you will love using our Color-In Photo Props with Photo Prop Printable to add even more joy to your festive photos.

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These Color-In Photo Props are simply the cutest, and since you get to color them in yourself then they can look however you’d like. Each printable contains 3 props; a tiny top hat, an oversized mustache, and a pair of super cool shades.

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color-in photo props supplies needed

To make our Color-In Photo Props you will need our Photo Prop Printable. Also needed is white cardstock, craft sticks, markers in a variety of colors, a black sharpie, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make Fun Photo Props for New Year’s Eve

Supplies needed:

  • Photo Prop Printable
  • White cardstock
  • Craft sticks
  • Markers – black, assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by printing the photo props on white cardstock. The cardstock holds up better than regular paper and you’re going to want some weight to your props so they stay up without drooping over.

colored sunglasses

Once printed, we liked to trace around the outline again with a black sharpie. Then, color in the photo props.

black colored mustache

This is the fun part! Get creative with the colors and designs!

colored top hat

We purposely left a new year message off the props, as they’re actually fun to use all year round. But the brim of the hat is a great place to write a Happy New Year message.

cut out photo props

Once colored, cut out the props.

cut out sunglasses

Be sure to cut the eyes from the sunglasses, too. To do, have an adult carefully insert the point of the scissors into the center and snip around the black line.

craft stick glued on back of photo prop

craft sticks glued on photo props

Finally, attach a craft stick to the back and side of the props. Now go take some fun pictures!

color-in photo props

Really fun, right? Definitely! So great for the new year, and fun for birthdays or any kind of celebration.

color-in photo props styled image on white background

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