Columbus Day Worksheets Activity Pack

Columbus Day is an important part of American history, and what better way to introduce your kid to this holiday than this Columbus Day Activity Pack Free Printable Worksheets?

Print our Columbus Day Activity Pack Worksheets

Whether you’re homeschooling your kid and introducing him to the holidays in the last quarter of the year, or are just getting him familiar with this part of American culture, these activity sheets can be a great addition. 

About our Columbus Day Worksheets

Inside this activity pack, you’ll find lots of worksheets centered around Columbus Day that don’t just strengthen your child’s knowledge about the day and its history, but offer so much more to learn. 

These activities are designed to inspire your kid, motivate him and educate him about this fall holiday.

Inspired by the sheets, your kid can be motivated to learn more about the holiday in depth, ask important questions and make it a whole learning experience.  

What’s Inside?

This pack of Columbus Day activity sheets covers lots of different learning areas, not just the history of the holiday. Inside, you’ll find –

Word Search

There’s a sheet dedicated to word search, all featuring words around Columbus Day, which also help strengthen your kid’s vocabulary and learn new words. 

Word Scramble 

If your kid loves the word search activity, they’ll enjoy the word scramble sheet too! This one’s again, packed with words related to the holiday, and can strengthen your kid’s command on the language. 

Knowledge Sheets

You’ll find some knowledge sheets packed in too, which inspire imagination, improve memory and do so much more. There’s a sheet where your kid can also map out the path Columbus took! 

Paper Hat Activity

To strengthen your kid’s scissor skills, there’s a fun paper hat building activity too! This easy activity is a great way to inspire conversations about Columbus Day. You can either color or your own, or print the fully colored version to just cut and put together.

All the printables are black and white, which means they pack in all the opportunity to color in every single sheet, too! 

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Books About Columbus Day

Pair up our Columbus Day Activity Pack Worksheets with some fun books about Columbus and his exploration. Here are some of our favorites to continue learning about the holiday:

Making this Columbus Day Activity Pack More Fun

If you’re really enjoying this activity pack so far, why not take it a step further? Team these sheets up with one of these great ideas!  

  • Columbus Day holiday is super close to Thanksgiving, which is why you can download some fun Thanksgiving sheets and craft activities too, to pair along with these. 
  • You can also look up some YouTube videos to make it a complete learning experience for your kid. 
  • Another great idea is to get in the kitchen and whip up some exploration themed, kid-friendly foods in the spirit of the holiday. You should be able to find lots of good options to pick from. 

You can also make this entire experience more fun and enjoyable by dressing up like an explorer. Ask your kid to pick out his choice of hat, boots, a magnifying glass and a map!

Columbus Day Activity Pack Free Printable Worksheets

Explorer Craft Ideas

Turn into an explorer with some of our fun crafts to go along with these Columbus Day worksheets. Be sure to check out our Cardboard Roll July 4th BinocularsNature Stick Ship Craft, or our Potato Stamp Sailboat Craft.

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