Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman Craft

Cotton balls are just a natural when you think of crafting snowmen. Since they look like snow and all. And today, we’re stamping with cotton balls to make our adorable Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman Craft. No stepping out in the cold required!

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The cotton balls we’re using are just your regular, make up kind of cotton balls. Not poms. We liked using these cotton balls for our snowman craft, because the wetness of the paint leaves behind a bit of the cotton fluff on the paper. Which lends to the look of the snowman even more.

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Make a Snowman Craft with Cotton Balls

Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman Craft supplies needed.

To make our Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman Craft you will need cotton balls, white acrylic paint, blue and black cardstock as well as scraps of fun scrapbook paper, black and orange markers, a glue stick, two paint brushes, and scissors.

Stamped Cotton Ball Snowman Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cotton ball
  • White acrylic paint
  • Cardstock – blue, black, different scrapbook paper
  • Markers – black, orange
  • Paint brushes, two
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Snowman Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by gathering white paint, a cotton ball, and blue cardstock for the base.

Dip cotton ball in white paint and begin forming snowman.

Dip the cotton ball in the white paint and begin stamping the snowman.

Use cotton ball to form 3 different sized circles on blue cardstock.

You will want to form 3 circular shapes with the stamps; large, medium, and smaller.

Let paint dry.

Let the paint dry.

Cut two rectangles from scrapbook paper for scarf.

While the paint is drying, cut two rectangles of the fun, patterned scrapbook paper for the scarf. One longer that fits across, the other about half that size.

Glue scarf pieces in place.

Glue the scarf in place.

Cut a hat shape from black cardstock.

Next, cut a hat shape from the black cardstock.

Glue hat in place.

And glue that in place on the snowman, as well.

Use a black marker to draw eyes, mouth, and buttons. Use an orange marker for the nose.

Then, once the paint is completely dry, use the black marker or paint pen to make eyes, a mouth, and buttons on the snowman. Use the orange marker to make a nose.

Do a paint splatter snow effect for the background.

Finally, dip a paintbrush in the white paint. Use the other paintbrush to tap on the paint-loaded brush, making a paint splatter snow effect. This is an optional step that can get messy, but is so fun!

Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman.

Pretty sure it’s impossible to make just one of these snowmen. They are so quick, easy, and super fun!

Cotton Ball Stamped Snowman Craft styled image.

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