Craft A Baby Shower To Remember

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Did you know that the average friend spends around $30 – $50 on a baby shower gift? Luckily some thoughtful handmade gifts can go a long way. Whether you are looking for inspiration for handmade gifts or you feel like trying your hand at organizing a virtual gathering, here are some ideas for a thoughtful baby shower that your friend will never forget.

Craft A Baby Shower To Remember
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Trendy Themes

Be sure to tell your friend to put her feet up and let you and your friends do all the work. After all, moms are working more hours than ever during and after their pregnancy, so this could be their only time to enjoy themselves. Sticking with a theme can help everyone choose gifts and make crafts. How about a Disney theme? Tiaras crafted from headbands and stick-on jewels will bring out everyone’s inner princess. A selection of homemade sweet goods and candy wrapper decals creates a colorful candy theme. An online baby shower can bring old friends together who may not be able to make it in person. Why not incorporate the online environment into the theme of the shower? A few crafted social media decals can set the virtual tone.

Gracious Gifts

A few thoughtful, homemade gifts show that you are thinking of your friend and her new baby. A selection of baked goodies to eat at the shower will go down nicely with the mom-to-be. Cupcakes are a simple cake to make, and they can be easily tied into your shower theme, making for a scrumptious, thoughtful gift. Team your baked goods with a personalized baby basket full of essentials for a newborn. Fill it with baby bottles, diapers, rattles and other toys, and tie up with some beautiful ribbon to make your friend’s life much easier. Even better, a mom basket full of comforting spa treatments and pampering goodies will help her feel more relaxed during her pregnancy. It is easy to have delivered if holding the shower online.

Games For A Giggle

Your friend’s mental health is just as important as her physical health during pregnancy. It has even been shown that stress can affect the baby’s sex. Some silly party games can help alleviate feelings of anxiety. Should you be organizing a virtual baby shower, why not use the crafted social media decals as suggested and play ‘Guess the App’. Guests can perfect their Insta poses and act out popular tweets to make others giggle. Have guests bring along their cutest baby pics, mix them up and play ‘Guess the Baby’. If holding the shower in person, throw in some traditional kid’s games for a real laugh. Bust open a pinata baby, play pin the tail on the… baby, and musical chairs. No fighting ladies!

No baby shower is complete without a guest list. Get everyone involved to give your friend the best baby shower and gifts she could ask for. No matter how challenging times are, there is nothing more important than laughing with those closest to you.

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