Craft Stick Fall Truck Craft

Nothing says the fall season quite like an old pickup truck straight from the farm. Except maybe pumpkins. That’s why we’ve loaded our Craft Stick Fall Truck Craft with giant pumpkins! Perfect for fall!

craft stick fall truck craft with giant pumpkin main image

This is such a sweet craft, brought together with not much more than craft sticks and cardstock. We used already colored jumbo craft sticks, since we had them on hand, and colored 3 mini craft sticks to match, but you could simply paint them all the same color, too.

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To make our Craft Stick Fall Truck Craft you will need jumbo craft sticks as well as mini craft sticks, markers, glue, cardstock in black, silver, orange, and brown, a 1” and ⅝” hole punch, and scissors.

Make a Fall Pickup Truck Craft with Giant Pumpkin

Supplies needed:

  • Jumbo craft sticks, colored
  • Mini craft sticks
  • Markers – silver, dark orange, colors to match jumbo craft sticks
  • Cardstock – black, silver, orange, brown
  • 1” hole punch
  • ⅝” hole punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Begin by getting the craft sticks ready.

2 jumbo craft sticks 3 mini craft sticks

As mentioned, we used already colored jumbo sticks.

color craft sticks

Then used markers to color 3 mini craft sticks to match. If using uncolored jumbo sticks you could simply paint them all to match.

black cardstock cut with front angle

Now, cut a piece of black cardstock.

glue mini sticks to black paper

Place the mini sticks as shown in the image, with the front stick at an angle, and glue in place. Trim the black cardstock around the edges if needed.

silver marker reflection lines

Use a silver marker to make reflection lines.

jumbo craft sticks glued together

We used a scrap square of cardstock to glue our jumbo sticks to secure.

mini sticks glued to back of jumbo sticks

And glue the bottom of the mini sticks to the front half of the jumbo sticks.

circles for wheels

Now, use the 1” hole punch to make circles from the black cardstock. Use the ⅝” punch to make smaller circles from the silver cardstock.

wheels glued on truck

Glue the smaller circle in the center of the larger circle, then glue to the bottom of the jumbo sticks.

orange paper circle

Now cut a circle from the orange paper.

orange lines and stem for pumpkin

Draw lines with a dark orange marker and cut a stem from the brown cardstock.

pumpkin glued to back of truck

fall truck with giant pumpkin

Glue the pumpkin in place on the back of the tail end of the truck. This will also further secure the sticks in place.

fall truck craft with giant pumpkin

Make more trucks in more fun fall colors! Gotta love the giant pumpkins!

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craft stick fall truck craft styled image on white background

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