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Craft Stick Handprint Crow Craft

Are you ready for a really fun fall craft? This Craft Stick Handprint Crow Craft is such a great way to get ready for the autumn season!

handprint crow craft main image on white background

I’ve really enjoyed coming up with handprint crafts throughout the year. Using the little one’s handprints for the wings of our crow makes this a great keepsake. We also especially love our crows’ giant beaks that are super vibrant against their black bodies.

handprint crow craft styled image on white background

This crow is a fall variation on our Colorful Handprint Spring Chick Craft that was a lot of fun to do earlier this year. We have lots of fun for fall, too, like our Paper Plate Raccoon Craft, Coffee Filter Watercolor Owl, and Paper Bag Hedgehog Craft. And to scare away all the crows you make, be sure to also see our Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft.

handprint crow craft supplies needed

To make our Craft Stick Handprint Crow Craft you will need jumbo craft sticks, cardstock in black, orange, and yellow, small googly eyes, black paint, a glue stick, and scissors.

Make a Fall Handprint Crow

Supplies needed:

  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Cardstock – black, yellow, orange
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by positioning the craft sticks in a triangle on the black cardstock.

craft stick triangle glued

You can either glue them to the cardstock, or trace around the craft sticks and cut out a triangle.

craft stick triangle cut

Once the glue sets trim away all the excess.

craft sticks painted black

Now paint the craft sticks. You can also paint the craft sticks beforehand. Let dry.

two black cardstock handprints cut

Trace the little one’s handprints on black cardstock and cut out.

handprint wings glued

Glue to the sides of the triangle.

small googly eyes

Adhere small googly eyes.

beak cut from yellow cardstock

Fold a small piece of yellow or orange cardstock in half and cut at the fold in a large triangle.

yellow triangle beak glued

Glue the beak in place. Such a great fall craft!

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handprint crow craft styled image on white background

We hope you have as much fun with this craft as we did! Be sure to check out all of our fall crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

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