Craft Stick Love Bug Craft

Have you been bitten by the love bug? This adorable Craft Stick Love Bug Craft makes for a perfect little Valentine’s Day gift. Not only are they simply cute, but they’d make great bookmarks, too. After you’re done flying them around, that is.

Craft Stick Love Bug Craft main image

One of my favorite go-to craft ideas is to wrap our craft base in yarn. In fact, I’d wrap myself in yarn if I could. I just love the color, I love the texture, and it’s so much easier than painting. Plus, it works those little fingers, too.

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Make Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

Craft Stick Love Bug Craft supplies

To make our Craft Stick Love Bug Craft you will need jumbo craft sticks, multi-color yarn, shiny pipe cleaners, small googly eyes, glue dots, a black pen, and scissors.

Craft Stick Love Bug Craft Supplies Needed

  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Multi-color yarn
  • Shiny pipe cleaners – assorted colors
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Black pen
  • Glue dots
  • Scissors

Love Bug Craft Step by Step Instructions

Cut a long shiny pipe cleaner in half.

pipe cleaner circle

Form one end in a circle, with a tail. Twist to secure.

pipe cleaner heart

Push in the middle of the circle and pinch the middle to form a heart.

love bug heart wings

Now, use a glue dot to secure the hearts to the back of a jumbo craft stick. Then, begin wrapping a strand of yarn around the craft stick. Make sure you go around the pipe cleaners to further secure, as well.

yarn wrap

Continue wrapping until the stick is covered.

yarn end tied in back

Next, secure the end of the yarn behind the craft stick. You can do this a number of ways. We tucked the yarn behind an already wrapped loop and tied it off. But you could use tape, or another glue dot.

small googly eyes

Now, adhere googly eyes.

pipe cleaner antennae

Take another shiny pipe cleaner. You only need about ¼ of the cleaner. Bend in a V shape. And use a glue dot to secure to the top back of the craft stick.

mouth drawn with black pen

Finally, draw a simple mouth with a black pen.

craft stick valentine's day love bugs

So cute, right?! What a fun little Valentine’s Day craft!

Craft Stick Love Bug Craft styled image

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