Craft Stick Owls Craft

Personally, I think owl crafts are some of my favorite crafts. Kids can make them as cute and colorful as they want. In fact, the brighter the better. Our Craft Stick Owls definitely fit the bill! Get it? Bird, bill? Anyway, they’re also perfect for this time of year.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

These Craft Stick Owls need only a few materials. First, you’ll need to gather some large craft sticks. We used a bag of already colored sticks, but you could always paint your own.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

You’ll also need googly eyes, construction paper, markers, and scissors. Along with that, a 1″ hole punch, while not necessary, will make the designs of your owl easier. So will pinking shears.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

We tried our Craft Stick Owls craft a number of different ways before finally realizing, after most of our group had already been made, just how easy it could be with a 1” hole punch. So while it’s not necessary, you can of course cut all the pieces out with just some scissors like the majority of ours were, the hole punch really does help to make the ears and the feet, too, as you can see in the red and orange owl above.

Craft Stick Owls

Supplied needed:

  • large craft sticks in a variety of colors – buy colored or paint your own
  • construction paper in a variety of colors
  • markers
  • googly eyes – small-medium sized
  • glue
  • scissors
  • 1″ hole punch
  • pinking shears

First, gather your large colored craft sticks. With a different color of construction paper, cut out a rectangle to fit the width of your craft stick. Using the hole punch, punch out the top of the rectangle. Glue in place at the top of your craft stick.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

Taking the same color of construction paper, cut out wing shapes. These are shaped kind of like individual flower petals. They don’t have to be precise. Glue in place along the sides of the craft stick. Glue on googly eyes as well as a small triangle cut from construction paper for the beak.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

Punch another hole from construction paper using the 1″ hole punch. Cut that in half and use your pinking shears at the bottom for a wavy edge. Glue in place for your owl’s feet. Finally, draw a pattern on your Craft Stick Owl’s body as well as their wings with the markers.

Craft Stick Owls Craft Kids Craft Fall Craft

And this is exactly why I love owl crafts! So cute and so colorful and just adorable and charming. Be sure to check out more owls and other fall craft ideas and recipes at Our Kid Things!

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