Craft Stick Puffy Paint Bunnies

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! There are soon to be bunnies everywhere! Why not get a head start with our simple and super cute Craft Stick Puffy Paint Bunnies craft!

Craft Stick & Puffy Paint Bunnies Easter Craft

These Craft Stick & Puffy Paint Bunnies need a few different materials. Craft sticks, of course, white acrylic paint, pink puff balls, googly eyes, and squeeze bottles of puffy paint in spring pastel colors. We used pink and purple.

After that, it’s mostly a matter of painting the craft sticks, gluing it all together, and applying lines of puffy paint for your bunny’s ears and whiskers. And you have Craft Stick & Puffy Paint Bunnies! It’s a super cute craft that’s perfect for Easter and the spring season ahead!

Craft Stick & Puffy Paint Bunnies

Supplies needed:

  • craft sticks, 12 for each bunny
  • white scrap paper
  • white acrylic paint
  • pink cotton puff balls – medium size
  • googly eyes – medium size
  • pink and purple puffy paint squeeze bottles
  • black pen
  • glue

First, gather 6 craft sticks together for the body. You’ll need 2 sets of 3 craft sticks, too, for the ears. Cut white scrap paper to fit and glue on the back of the craft sticks to hold together.

Paint the front of the craft sticks with white acrylic paint. Let dry.

Once dry, apply glue to the bottom of the set of craft sticks used for the ears. Set the body on top and press. Let the glue dry. Adhere a pink puff nose to the center of the body.

Take your squeeze bottle of puffy paint and make lines for the whiskers and the ears. Some lines may be fatter than others. It all works! Let dry again, which will take several hours.

Craft Stick & Puffy Paint Bunnies Easter Craft

Finally, add googly eyes and draw on a bunny mouth with a black pen. Now that is a hippity-hoppity easy and fun Easter Bunny craft! Be sure to check out more of our fun Easter crafts and ideas at Our Kid Things!

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