Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season! It’s my favorite time of year, but I think I say that every year. Right now it’s unseasonably warm where I live, with lots of leaves on the ground. Perfect jumping weather! And a perfect time to make this super cute Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft!

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What I really like about this craft is that it’s so easy, most of the craft sticks are left natural. We used hot glue to put ours together, but you can also achieve the same outcome with regular glue or glue dots.

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Make a Scarecrow Craft for Fall

Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft supplies needed.

To make our Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft you will need regular size craft sticks, acrylic paint in fall colors, glue, embroidery floss, black and white felt, a black marker, and scissors.

Craft Stick Scarecrows Craft Supplies Needed

  • Craft sticks
  • Acrylic paint – orange, red, yellow
  • Felt – black, white
  • Embroidery floss – yellow
  • Orange foam sheet
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by lining up 7 craft sticks. Take another craft stick, cut to size, or a scrap piece of paper, and glue to the craft sticks to secure together Make sure there’s adult supervision when using hot glue!

Glue craft sticks together then determine where the hat will go. Draw a line.

Now, draw a slanted line across the craft sticks to serve as a guide for where you should paint.

Paint above the line orange and paint one whole craft stick orange, too.

Paint the upper parts of the craft sticks orange. Paint one whole craft stick orange, too, and wait for all the paint to dry. Then, glue the one orange craft stick in a slope position on the set of craft sticks.

Cut white and black felt for eyes.

Glue the eye pieces together.

Next, cut two medium size circles from the white felt and two small circles from the black felt. Glue the black circles inside the white circles creating eyes.

Cut a small triangle for the nose out of foam.

Cut a small triangle from the orange foam sheet, it’ll serve as a nose.

Glue the face pieces in place on the craft sticks.

Glue the face pieces onto the craft sticks.

Use a black marker to draw a mouth.

Use the black marker to draw a curve line on the craft sticks, below the nose.

Gather together strands of yellow embroidery floss.

To make the straw hair for the scarecrow, gather several lengths of the embroidery floss and tie together in the middle.

Glue the embroidery floss to the back of the craft sticks.

Finally, glue the embroidery floss to the upper back of the scarecrow. Such a fun fall craft!

Craft Stick Scarecrow Craft styled image.

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