DIY Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes

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It’s become a tradition for us that every Christmas we pick out a new ornament for the tree. A meaningful bauble that represents the year for all of us, as a family, passed down from this holiday season to the next.

So as I strolled through the great selection of holiday Hallmark greeting cards and all the festive Hallmark Ornaments on display in the Christmas section at Walmart, I couldn’t resist getting a head start. Eyeing all the fun and shiny trinkets of good tide, the joy of the season rushed over me. In fact, I almost broke into Christmas carol right there in the aisle.

Make Your Own DIY Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes #SendHallmark #ad

While I managed to refrain myself from Christmas carols, Walmart does have a Hallmark Ornament for everyone. There’s everything from Monster High to superheroes to classic angels. After seeing these snowmen, though, saying Son and Daughter on their hats, I knew that these were the ones I wanted to get. Since I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl, I picked up a snowman for each. They also have Mom and Dad snowman ornaments, so you could easily make the whole family!

I also grabbed a 2015 Snowman ornament for our tree, which has us so excited for getting all of our Christmas stuff out and ready!

Because I wanted to turn the Son and Daughter ornaments into Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes! These little Christmas snowglobes are a fun way to get my kids even more excited for the upcoming festivities, like that’s really necessary, but also a wonderful way to remember this year.

For these Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes, you will need baby oil, the larger size baby food jars, glitter in various colors, glue or epoxy, and your Hallmark Ornaments. Don’t worry about possibly breaking your ornament, as the tie to hang the ornament from the tree unscrews very simply, making it also easy to save it in case you’d like to take it out of the snowglobe and hang on the tree later.

DIY Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes

Supplies needed:

  • baby oil (1 jar will be just enough for 3 snowglobes)
  • large baby food jars, clean with stickers off
  • glitter in various colors (I used blue, green, and purple)
  • strong glue or epoxy
  • Hallmark Ornaments (make sure they’ll fit in your jars)

After unscrewing the tie from your ornament, glue it onto the lid of your jar. Let dry completely.

Fill each jar about 2/3 of the way full with baby oil. Add about a tsp. of glitter to each. I used purple glitter in my daughter’s, green and blue in my sons’. But my kids told me silver or white would have been good, too, to look more like snow. Use regular glitter, the extra fine won’t show up very well.

Screw on your lid with ornament as tight as you can. Apply a bead of glue or epoxy around rim for an extra seal. And shake, shake, shake the glittery snow around your winter wonderland DIY Christmas Snowglobe Keepsake!

Make Your Own DIY Christmas Snowglobe Keepsakes #SendHallmark #ad

See more great holiday ornament ideas and tell me which ornament you’re most looking forward to this season. I’d love to hear about your favorite family traditions!


  1. Who doesn’t love a snow globe for the holidays! I love this DIY version! Perfect for home made gifts for Mom and Dad! Cute photos! Great job!

  2. What a fun idea! I never would have thought to use them like that and I think it would make a fantastic gift! (Brainstorming for the aunts…) Thank YOU for such a memorable keepsake idea!!! #client

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