Easter Egg Door Hanger Craft

With some thread and ribbon, an idea I originally envisioned turned into this Easter Egg Door Hanger. I wanted to make a colorful Easter decoration with some plastic eggs for our front door, but wasn’t sure exactly what or how and I wanted to use only what I had on hand. Other than that, I really didn’t know what I was doing. That happens all the time.

Easter Egg Door Hanger #Easter #craft #decoration

Easter Egg Door Hanger materials:

  • thread or fishing line
  • plastic eggs
  • ribbon
  • 2 beads (for end of threads)

I used regular sewing thread, doubled up, as I really wanted to use only what I had on hand, though I’m sure clear fishing line would work better. Whatever you use, be sure to use plenty of it to give yourself a lot to work with. Guide your line through the holes located on each end of the egg for the desired amount of eggs, this is where your kids can help. Then, when at the end, guide line back through the other hole of the last egg so that when you knot a bead to keep the eggs from falling through it will be on the inside. Do the same for the other side.

Tie your ribbon into a fancy, festive bow. This was actually the most difficult part for me. I need more practice tying a fancy bow, apparently. I ended up making 2 regular bows then just tying them together with more ribbon. I used a lot of ribbon. Whatever works. Then tie your 2 lines of plastic eggs onto the bow.

Make another simple loop of ribbon for hanging and you have a quick, inexpensive way to have something cute and colorful and very Easter for your front door!


  1. What a great way to bring some Easter cheer to the front door! And I like that it’s an activity that the kids can help do too.

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