Easy Yarn Jellyfish Craft

Let’s go under the sea for this really fun and Easy Yarn Jellyfish Craft! This ocean craft is so simple and perfect for even the littlest of kids. And it’s made with only 5 easy to gather supplies, so you can get to crafting quicker and make a whole sea worth in a matter of minutes!

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Yarn has always been one of our favorite craft supplies. We just love the way it gives a craft texture and movement. Which makes it perfect for ocean crafts that are meant to swim and float in the ocean. This jellyfish craft is especially when make jellyfish of different colors, or even mix and match.

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Make an Easy Jellyfish Craft with Yarn

Easy Yarn Jellyfish Craft supplies needed.

To make this adorable Yarn Jellyfish Craft you will need yarn, craft foam, double sided tape, googly eyes, and scissors. 5 supplies! So easy!

Yarn Jellyfish Craft Supplies Needed

  • Craft foam – assorted colors
  • Yarn – matching or assorted colors
  • Double sided tape
  • Googly eyes, large
  • Scissors

Easy Jellyfish Craft Step by Step Directions

Gather your colors of craft foam and yarn. You can use matching colors or mix them up.

Cut oval from craft foam.

Cut an oval shape from the foam sheet.

Cut numerous strands of yarn.

Then, cut numerous strands of yarn.

Adhere double-sided tape to back of oval.

Now, adhere a piece of double-sided tape at the back of the oval.

Stick yarn on tape.

Continue sticking yarn on tape until full.

Stick the pieces of yarn.

Adhere another oval of craft foam to back.

Once all the yarn jellyfish tentacles are in place, you can then use the tape to stick another oval of craft foam to the back to sandwich in the yarn.

Add googly eyes.

Finally, add the pair of googly eyes.

Easy Yarn Jellyfish Craft.

And you have a quick and easy jellyfish craft to go with an ocean theme. Now make more in more colors!

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