Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft

When the weather’s so warm, you gotta wear shades. Or, if you’re a superhero, then you have to have superhero glasses. Or if you’re a spy, they can be spy goggles. These Egg Carton Superhero Goggles can be so many things, depending on wherever your creativity takes you.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

My kids were playing with Spiderman figures, so my oldest put on his pair of goggles and pretended to be the bad guy. He also said that the yellow pair reminded him of the minions from Despicable Me.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

Who knew egg cartons could be so fun?

sEgg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

But these Egg Carton Superhero Goggles are fun! All you need is an empty paper egg carton, some pipe cleaners and paint and then kids can decorate their goggles however they want. Wherever their creativity takes them! My daughter went more colorful, using yellow and purple, of course, while my son painted his blue with white pipe cleaners for ear pieces.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles

Supplies needed:

  • empty egg carton
  • paints – we used acrylics
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • hole punch

First, cut the sections from your egg carton. Simply cut so you have 2 “craters”, then trim around it. Punch a hole on both sides and cut out the eyes from the bottom of your carton.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

Paint and decorate your goggles. Let sit to dry.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

Fold a large pipe cleaner in half and wrap around itself then guide one end through the hole you punched. Twist to secure. Do the same on the other side. Position over child’s ear and form to fit.

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft

Now, put on your Egg Carton Superhero Goggles and go get the bad guys! Or pretend to be an aviator! Or be a super-secret princess spy agent! You could be anything. That’s what’s so wonderful about children, they have such vivid imaginations. Just have fun! And be sure to check out more of our fun kids craft ideas at Our Kid Things!

Egg Carton Superhero Goggles Craft #superhero #kids #eggcartoncraft


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