Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage

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Babies are so cute with their chubby cheeks, wrist rolls, button noses, wisps of hair, the sweetest toes, and munchkin fingers.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything cuter. They’re also full of poop. Sometimes, surprisingly, lots of it. So that means going through a lot of diapers, and that can be expensive. Now is the perfect time to sign up for a new membership at Sam’s Club to help cut down on those costs!

Are you a new mom looking to save? Join Sam’s Club now and get $45 in Instant Savings!

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

Simply buy any three participating Huggies® products to get rewarded. Diapers in every size and style you’d need as well as wipes, too. Huggies is a brand that moms can trust at a retailer that she can trust. You can join on samsclub.com or join in club! You can either print out the offer and take it in-store to be honored, or fill it out online through the link. But if you join online now you’ll also get a $5 e-gift card.

Sign up in just 3 easy steps!

1. Join Sam’s Club whether online or in store.
2. Buy any 3 participating Huggies products in the same transaction.
3. Get $45 instantly loaded onto your new Sam’s Club Membership Card.

With a large family, Sam’s Club is a total timesaver. I love how easy it is to stock up on everything my family needs, from the latest electronics to clothes, frozen foods and pantry staples to baby necessities.

You can even order online then quickly pick up in store through their Club Pick-Up Service. Because who has time nor the patience to stand in a checkout line with a sleepy, unhappy baby?

And those babies, as adorable and huggable as they are, they go through a lot of diapers. I picked up a box of size 1 diapers for my baby. With those size 1’s, according to the below chart at 7 diapers a day, we can save over $18 just by buying at Sam’s Club. Our Sam’s Club membership will soon pay for itself, and already has with our $45 in Instant Savings!

Plus, we can have fun with all those boxes. It’s so easy to make a Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage using an empty Huggies box!

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

My kids have been into making their own Wooden Skewer Stick Puppets for awhile now. By simply drawing and coloring in a character, cutting it out, then taping it onto a wooden skewer or large craft stick, they have their own puppets just waiting for a puppet show.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

Now, with the empty boxes, their Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage is set! Cut the top flaps off the box and wrap in wrapping paper. Also cut a rectangular slit along the back of one of the longer sides for the puppets. Tape a paper scene onto the back, too. Adhere black fabric to the front of the box. Hang the edge of the box with the slit off the end of a table, tape to secure. And the show is ready to begin!

The baby gets diapers, mama saves with her new Sam’s Club membership, and the older kids get a diy puppet stage. Sometimes, lots of poop really isn’t so bad.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage

  • empty Huggies box
  • wrapping paper
  • cardstock, construction paper
  • coloring and drawing mediums
  • black fabric
  • twine
  • scissors
  • hot glue, school glue, & tape
  • Skewer Stick Puppets
  • box cutters

First, cut the top flaps off an empty box using box cutters. Also cut a rectangular slit along one the back of one side. This step should be done by an adult. We used a Huggies wipes box. Then, wrap it like you would a present. We even used Christmas wrapping paper. Be sure to cut the rectangle out so it’s open and tape all the wrapping paper in place.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

With construction paper or cardstock, begin decorating the inside “scene”. This can be done however you like with paper, markers, paints, it’s up to you. Tape or glue it all in place.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

Cut two strips of black fabric to the size of the box opening. Glue in place with hot glue gun. Punch a hole on both sides of the box, about equal in place. If the box is too thick, use the pointy part of the scissors. This would be another step for an adult.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

Then, cut two lengths of twine. Insert one end in the punched hole, around the black fabric, and tie in place with a bow.

Empty Box DIY Puppet Stage #MoreHuggiesMoreSavings (ad)

Who knew diapers could be such a win for everyone? If you’re looking to save on diapers and get a new Sam’s Club Membership, too, be sure to follow this link to sign up and receive $45 in Instant Savings!

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