Fall Games Free Printable Pack

Enjoy all the beauty and wonder of the fall season while working your mind and having fun, too, with our Fall Games Free Printable Pack!

Fall Games Free Printable Pack

This Fall Games Free Printable Pack comes with 4 classic games each with a seasonal fall twist.

As part of our printable pack, there’s a Fall I Spy Game. This is a game that consists of searching for a variety of fall staples like scarecrows, acorns, and squirrels. There are a number of each in the picture, and the goal is to find and count how many of each there are.

Then, there’s a Fall Crossword Puzzle. Crossword puzzles are wonderful for keeping a mind working. For kids, they’re a great tool for remembering fall words while continuing to work on how to spell them, too.

The Fall Word Search is full of items you’d find in the autumn season. This game is another way to work on word recognition. Plus, there’s the thrill of seeking and finding the words hidden among the letters, as well.

In my personal opinion, however, there’s really nothing better than a winding maze. In this Fall Maze included in our Fall Games Printable Pack, the goal is to help the happy fall squirrel get to the finish line.

There are a total of 8 sheets included in this printable set, as it comes with answer sheets, as well.

There’s something in our Fall Games Printable Pack that’s fun for everyone. Kids will get a blast out of the Fall I Spy, and the other games are great for kids and adults alike.

Fall Games Free Printable Pack

Simply download and print the 8 page Fall Games Free Printable Pack on the paper of your choice! And be sure to find more fun fall ideas at Our Kid Things!

Fall Games Free Printable Pack

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